MACS 110 - March 5

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  1. In class, I played you a song. Who was it the Ballad of?
    Marshall Mcluhan
  2. Active Audience
    media audiences do not just merely recieve, but are actively involved in the message
  3. Wilber Schramm
    predecessor (1940's to 1950's)
  4. Fraction of Selection
    Expectation of reward/Effort required = 1
  5. Herta Herzog
    studied female listeners to soaps on the radio

    • - conclusions
    • gloat in others misery
    • connectivity to other people
    • something to talk about

    • - Herta's Conclusions
    • emotional release
    • wishful thinking
    • advice

    the purpose or goal of the creator does not always coincide with actual audience uses
  6. Why did he play the schaggs
    the show the difference between the purpose and goals of the creator and the actual audience uses
  7. Preferred Reader
    where you accept the text
  8. Oppositional reader
    where you reject the text
  9. Negotiated reader
    where you accept parts, and reject parts as well
  10. Activity
    what to focus on
  11. Activeness
    how attentive to be to what we choose
  12. Why his song " The flow of television"?
    Information processing theory
  13. Why the simpsons?
    too much info to process, couldn't pay attention to the road. Info processing theory
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