MACS 110 - March 26

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  1. What contributes to the Knowledge Gap?
    a foundation of knowledge in something makes acquiring a new knowledge about that thing easier and funner

    social pressures to learn about important issues

    relatively high media literacy

    when crises arise, people take means to communicate information to high and low statuses
  2. Agenda Setting
    the media set the agenda for out thoughts and actions

    the media cant tell you what to think, but often tell you what to think about

    Prominence in news = Prominence in peoples thoughts and conversations
  3. What does the circle graph of eric watching the national tell us? (the one where it shows the percentages of when he stops watching)
    it reflects his acceptance that the top stories are at the top of the news cast
  4. contemporary relevance
    the individuals relationship to society and the medias effect on this relationship
  5. symbolic interactionism
    symbolic - interactions are based on symbolic exchanges (language, gestures, facial expressions, clothes, hairstyles)

    interactionism - focuses on every day interactions as constituents of society

    Society is made up of the sum total of its interactions. Symbolic interactionism focuses on this MICRO level of everyday interactions
  6. What is unusual about George Herbert Mead?
    the students published books after he died based on his papers and lecture notes
  7. Most common book by G.H Mead?
    Mind, Safety, and Society
  8. Self = I & Me ( to society)
    I - is how you present yourself to the society

    Me - is how you think you presented yourself. The reflected self
  9. Why did we play the George Herbert Mead game? (the one with the different personalities)
    to experience how the self is shaped by social interactions
  10. Why did we play the game where we had to answer quickly off of random words?
    to show the social construction of reality
  11. social construction of reality
    our perceptions of reality are socially constructed

    the media play a definitive role in shaping how we perceive reality
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