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  1. Chapters 1 and 2 questions
    • The demand for IT professionals who know how to secure networks and computers is an an all time low.
    • The COMPTIA Security+ Certification is aimed at an IT security professional with the recommended background of a minimum of two years experience in an IT administration, with focus on security.
    • Attack toolkits range in price from only $400 to as much as $8000.
    • Like a virus, a worm needs the user to perform an action such as starting a program os opening an email attachment to start the infection.
    • Roming a rootkit from an infected computer is extremely difficult.
    • Software keyloggers are programs that silently capture all keystrokes, including passwords and sensitive information.
    • A study by Foote Partners showed that security certifications earn employees ___ percent more pay than their uncertified counterparts,
    • The position of ____ is generally an entry-level position for a person who has the necessary technical skills.
    • ____ attacks are responsible for half of all malware delivered by Web advertising.
    • In a ____ attack, attackers can attackers use hundreds or thousands of computers in an attack against a single computer or network.
    • The term ____ is frequently used to describe the tasks of securing information that is in a digital format.
    • ____ ensures that only authorized parties can view information.
    • ____ ensures that information is correct and that no unauthorized person or malicious software has altered that data.
    • ____ ensures that the individual is who they claim to be (the authentic or genuine person) and not an imposter.
    • In information security, an example of a threat agent can be ____.
    • Under the ____, health care enterprises must guard protected health information and implement policies and procedures to safeguard it, whether it be in paper or electronic format.
    • The ____ Act requires banks and financial institutions to alert customers of their policies and practices in disclosing customer information.
    • What is another name for unsolicited e-mail messages?
    • The two types of malware that have the primary objective of spreading are ____.
    • A computer ____ is malicious computer code that reproduces itself on the same computer.
    • In a(n) ____ infection, a virus injects itself into the program’s executable code instead of at the end of the file.
    • Unlike other malware, a ____ is heavily dependent upon the user for its survival.
    • A ____ virus is loaded into random access memory (RAM) each time the computer is turned on and infects files that are opened by the user or the operating system.
    • A ____ virus infects program executable files.
    • There are almost ____ different Microsoft Windows file extensions that could contain a virus.
    • A(n) ____ virus adds a program to the operating system that is a malicious copycat version to a legitimate program
    • A ____ is a program advertised as performing one activity but actually does something else.
    • A ____ is a computer program or a part of a program that lies dormant until it is triggered by a specific logical event
    • ____ is a software program that delivers advertising content in a manner that is unexpected and unwanted by the user.
    • ____ involves horizontally separating words, although it is still readable by the human eye.
  2. Chapters 3 and 4 Questions
  3. Although traditional network security devices can block traditional network attacks, they cannot always block Web application attacks.
    • ARP poisoning is successful because there are few authentication procedures to verify ARP requests and replies.
    • Because of the minor role it plays, DNS is never the focus of attacks.
    • The first step in a vulnerability assessment is to determine the assets that need to be protected.
    • Vulnerability scans are usually performed from outside the security perimeter.
    • A healthy security posture results from a sound and workable strategy toward managing risks.
    • In an empty box test, the tester has no prior knowledge of the network infrastructure that is being tested.
    • The expression ____ up one directory level.
    • Web application attacks are considered ____ attacks.
    • ____ is for the transport and storage of data, with the focus on what the data is.
    • The SQL injection statement ____ finds specific users
    • Users who access a Web server are usually restricted to the ____ directory.
    • The default root directory of the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) Web server is ____.
    • For a Web server’s Linux system, the default root directory is typically ____.
    • A client-side attack that results in a user’s computer becoming compromised just by viewing a Web page and not even clicking any content is known as a ____.
    • ____ is an attack in which an attacker attempts to impersonate the user by using his session token.
    • A ____ attack is similar to a passive man-in-the-middle attack.
    • The Chinese government uses _____ to prevent Internet content that it considers unfavorable from reaching its citizenry.
    • When DNS servers exchange information among themselves it is known as a ____.
    • The goal of ____ is to better understand who the attackers are, why they attack, and what types of attacks might occur.
    • ____ substitutes DNS addresses so that the computer is automatically redirected to another device.
    • ____ is the probability that a risk will occur in a particular year.
    • The ____ is the expected monetary loss every time a risk occurs.
    • A ____ outlines the major security considerations for a system and becomes the starting point for solid security.
    • When performing a vulnerability assessment, many organizations use ____ software to search a system for any port vulnerabilities
    • A ____ is a computer typically located in an area with limited security and loaded with software and data files that appear to be authentic, yet they are actually imitations of real data files.
    • A(n) ____ is hardware or software that captures packets to decode and analyze its contents.
    • A(n) ____ examines the current security in a passive method.
    • A security weakness is known as a(n) ____.
  4. Terms
    • A systematic and methodical evaluation of the exposure of assets to attackers, forces of nature, or any other entity that is potentially harmful.
    • Identifying what the pressures are against a company
    • Identify what damages could result from the threats
    • Identify what to do about threats
    • An automated software search through a system for any known security weaknesses
    • Designed to actually exploit any weaknesses in systems that are vulnerable
    • Eliminating as many security risks as possible and make the system more secure
    • Exploits previously unknown vulnerabilities so victims have no time to prepare or defend against the attacks.
    • Injects scripts into a Web application server that will then direct attacks at clients
    • Takes advantage of vulnerability in the Web application program or the Web server software so that a user can move from the root directory to other restricted directories
    • The ability to move to another directory could allow an unauthorized user to view confidential files or even enter commands to execute on a server
    • Targets vulnerabilities in client applications that interact with a compromised server or process malicious data
    • Created from the Web site that a user is currently viewing
    • Exploiting a vulnerability in software to gain access to resources that the user would normally be restricted from obtaining
  5. Chapters 5, 6, and 7
    • Keyed entry locks are much more difficult to defeat than deadbolt locks.
    • Cipher locks are the same as combination padlocks.
    • A basic level of security can be achieved through using the security features found in network hardware.
    • Behavior-based monitoring attempts to overcome the limitations of both anomaly-based monitoring and signature-based monitoring by being more adaptive and proactive instead of reactive.
    • TCP is responsible for addressing packets and sending them on the correct route to the destination, while IP is responsible for reliable packet transmission.
    • Despite its promise to dramatically impact IT, cloud computing raises significant security concerns.
    • The signal from an ID badge is detected as the owner moves near a ____, which receives the signal.
    • ID badges that can be detected by a proximity reader are often fitted with tiny radio ____ tags.
    • Using video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific and limited set of receivers is called ____.
    • A ____ is designed to separate a nonsecured area from a secured area.
    • A ____ can be inserted into the security slot of a portable device and rotated so that the cable lock is secured to the device, while a cable connected to the lock can then be secured to a desk or immobile object.
    • An anti-climb collar is a ____ that extends horizontally for up to 3 feet (1 meter) from the pole to prevent anyone from climbing.
    • ____ can be prewired for electrical power as well as wired network connections.
    • In Microsoft Windows, a ____ is a collection of security configuration settings.
    • In ____, a virtualized environment is created that simulates the central processing unit (CPU) and memory of the computer.
    • A(n) ____ is hardware or software that is designed to prevent malicious packets from entering or leaving computers.
    • ____ is a technology that can help to evenly distribute work across a network.
    • A ____ is a network device that can forward packets across computer networks.
    • ____ keeps a record of the state of a connection between an internal computer and an external device and then makes decisions based on the connection as well as the conditions.
    • A ____ is a computer or an application program that intercepts a user request from the internal secure network and then processes that request on behalf of the user.
    • A(n) ____ encrypts all data that is transmitted between the remote device and the network.
    • A(n) ____ is the end of the tunnel between VPN devices.
    • ____ is a technique that allows private IP addresses to be used on the public Internet.
    • Each operation in a computing environment starts with a ____.
    • ____ IP addresses are IP addresses that are not assigned to any specific user or organization.
    • ____ is typically used on home routers that allow multiple users to share one IP address received from an Internet service provider (ISP).
    • In order to allow untrusted outside users access to resources such as Web servers, most networks employ a ____.
    • IP addresses are ____-bit addresses.
    • A ____ allows scattered users to be logically grouped together even though they may be attached to different switches.
    • IP is the protocol that functions primarily at the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) ____.
    • SNMP agents are protected with a password known as a(n) ____ in order to prevent unauthorized users from taking control over a device.
    • TCP is the main ____ protocol that is responsible for establishing connections and the reliable data transport between devices.
    • TCP port ____ is the FTP control port used for passing FTP commands.
    • DNS poisoning can be prevented by using the latest editions of the DNS software known as ____.
    • A ____ is a feature that controls a device’s tolerance for unanswered service requests and helps to prevent a DoS attack.
    • It is possible to segment a network by physical devices grouped into logical units through a(n) ____.
    • ____ provides a greater degree of security by implementing port-based authentication.
    • Server virtualization typically relies on the ____, which is software that runs on a physical computer to manage one or more virtual machine operating systems.
    • ____ is a pay-per-use computing model in which customers pay only for the computing resources they need.
    • In the ____ model, the cloud computing vendor provides access to the vendor’s software applications running on a cloud infrastructure.
  6. Chapter 8 and 9
    • Because PEAP can be vulnerable to specific types of attacks, Cisco now recommends that users migrate to a more secure EAP than PEAP.
    • Because antennas are generally positioned to provide the broadest area of coverage, APs should be located at the end of the coverage area.
    • Because of the weaknesses of WEP, it is possible for an attacker to identify two packets derived from the same IV.
    • A ____ access point is an unauthorized AP that allows an attacker to bypass many of the network security configurations and opens the network and its users to attacks.
    • An ____ is an AP that is set up by an attacker.
    • EAP request packets are issued by the ____.
    • ____ access points are serious threats to network security because they allow attackers to intercept the RF signal and bypass network security to attack the network or capture sensitive data.
    • When a device receives a beacon frame from an AP, the device then sends a frame known as a(n) ____ frame to the AP.
    • ____ is a framework for transporting authentication protocols instead of the authentication protocol itself.
    • ____ is an attack that accesses unauthorized information from a wireless device through a Bluetooth connection, often between cell phones and laptop computers.
    • ____ is an attack that sends unsolicited messages to Bluetooth-enabled devices.
    • ____ is considered a more flexible EAP scheme because it creates an encrypted channel between the client and the authentication server.
    • ____ is designed to detect any changes in a packet, whether accidental or intentional
    • ____ is the encryption protocol standard for WPA2.
    • ____ requires mutual authentication used for WLAN encryption using Cisco client software.
    • Terms
    • A wireless technology that uses short-range radio frequency (RF) transmissions and provides for rapid ad hoc device pairings
    • An AP set up by an attacker to mimic an authorized AP and capture transmissions
    • A 24-bit value used in WEP that changes each time a packet is encrypted
    • Searching for wireless signals from an automobile or on foot using a portable computing device
    • The process of documenting and then advertising the location of wireless LANs for others to use
    • The user-supplied network name of a WLAN
    • A WPA encryption technology
    • A proprietary EAP method developed by Cisco Systems
    • Designed to simplify the deployment of 802.1x by using Microsoft Windows logins and passwords
  7. TACACS+ and RADIUS are designed to support hundreds of remote connections.
    • A computer user may be authorized or granted permission to log on to a system by presenting valid credentials, yet that authorization does not mean that the user can then access any and all resources.
    • A user under Role Based Access Control can be assigned only one ____.
    • The X.500 standard defines a protocol for a client application to access an X.500 directory called ____.
    • ____ is an authentication service commonly used on UNIX devices that communicates by forwarding user authentication information to a centralized server.
    • The most restrictive access control model is ____.
    • The ____ model is the least restrictive.
    • ____ is an authentication system developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and used to verify the identity of networked users.
    • Terms
    • Granting permission to take an action
    • A review of credentials
    • Validating credentials as genuine
    • The right given to access
    • A specific resource, such as a file or a hardware device
    • Person responsible for the information
    • Individual to whom day-to-day actions have been assigned
    • User who accesses information in the course of routine job responsibilities
    • A database stored on the network itself that contains information about users and network devices
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