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  1. What are the steps to follow for MIS pricing?
    • 1.       CDST – Find a NPA/NXX from a company address
    • 2.       GINOS – Find Distance from AT&T POP to the company premise
    • 3.       MIS Pricing Tool – Find the Port charge for MIS
    • 4.       MIS Field Authority Discounts – Shows the discounts on the Port and access prices
    • 5.       EAGLE – Use when AT&T is not the LEC and is 51 miles or greater from the AT&T POP
  2. What are the components of MIS pricing?
    • 1.       Port Price
    • 2.       Access Price
  3. What are the steps to follow to price out a Private Line?
    • 1.       CDST – To find and Verify the NPA/NXX
    • 2.       Eagle
  4. What are the types of Customers when referring to ABN Local and Long Distance?
    • ·         Switched
    • o   For calls completed utilizing access that is not owned by AT&T or one of our affiliates
    • o   Customer does not have local service with AT&T
    • ·         Loyalty
    • o   For calls completed utilizing Local service provided by AT&T
    • o   AT&T is the LEC in the area
    • o   Customer has AT&T Local and Long Distance
    • ·         Dedicated
    • o   Used when a customer is interested in using a Long Distance T1 (LDT1)
    • o   The customer has a dedicated LDT1 with AT&T
  5. What are the steps to follow when pricing out Long Distance?
    • 1.       CDST – to get the NPA/NXX
    • 2.       ASOC – To see if a customer is eligible for Legacy T Local service
    • 3.       Mastersuite
  6. What are the steps to pricing out ABN Local and Long Distance Service:
    • 1.       CDST – Find NPA/NXX
    • 2.       ASOC – Checks for eligibility for Legacy T Local Service
    • 3.       Pricer X – Gives the price for the Local service (PRI, DID, BIZ lines)
    • 4.       Mastersuite (For Long Distance)
    • a.       Multiply the number of Long Distance by .04 to see the likely charge for Long Distance
  7. Name the Different WAN solutions AT&T has to offer:
    • 1.       W-WAN
    • 2.       GIGAWAN
    • 3.       DECA-MAN
    • 4.       OPTIWAN
  8. Explain the difference between a FAN and a BAN
    • ·         Foundation Account Number (FAN)
    • o   The account number assigned to a business when they open an account with AT&T
    • o   Attach the FAN to the BAN so that:
    • §  The A/E gets paid for the sales
    • §  Give customer offer elements such as discounts
    • o   The FAN acts like a contract ID Number
    • ·         Billing Account Number (BAN)
    • o   Customers may have multiple BAN’s under 1 FANBAN is given to each individual billing service/product
  9. How are you going to propose Business Messaging to a customer? How is it different than a regular texting plan?
  10. ·         Business grade texting for smartphones that can be paired with a regular texting plan
    • ·         It is secure, allows you to send longer messages, send mass messages, send messages from a web based portal and retrieved from e-mail
    • ·         An additional $3 per line making the total for all texting $23
  11. A customer insists on having unlimited data; what are you going to say to combat this objection?
    AT&T study shows that 98% business users on our network use less than 2GB per month. Most of the applications used for business transactions don’t take up as much data. Concerns about data usage can be eliminated by utilizing Wi-Fi to stream or access the internet will not count towards your allotted monthly data plan.
  12. If a customer already owns AT&T cell phone, but needs to activate service. What are you going to do, include all systems that would be used:
    Obtain the wireless number they are trying to activate and then go to Phoenix, customer service tab and select create AMB contract. Then match the IMEI number with the SIM Card number.
  13. What do the following Acronyms mean:
    ·         MARC
    ·         MAD
    ·         HVCP
    ·         TVD
    ·         CPE
    ·         CO
    • ·         MARC – Minimum annual revenue commitment
    • ·         MAD – Minimum annual discount
    • ·         HVCP – High volume calling plan
    • ·         TVD – Total volume Discount
    • ·         CPE – Customer Premise Equipment
    • ·         CO – Central Office
  14. List the different components of the All for Less bundle:
    • ·         All for Less you get Unlimited Local and Long distance, and a type of DSL Internet/Mobility Service
    • ·         All For Less Packages
    • o   All for Less Basic – Access Line + Long Distance + New Mobility/Broadband
    • o   All for Less Standard – Access Line + LD + Mobility/Broadband + Backup and Go
    • o   All for Less Premium – Access Line + LD + Mobility/Broadband + Backup and Go + Tech 360
  15. Explain the difference between an ISDN PRI and an ISDN BRI
    • ·         ISDN PRI
    • o   Allows for connections to CO in Bulk as opposed to line by line
    • o   Has local voice with a 800 #
    • o   Has 23 channels with on reserved for signaling
    • §  DS1 for transport and allocation
    • §  23 call paths for incoming and outbound calls
    • §  One D channel for signaling and features
    • §  Must terminate at customer premise
    • ·         ISDN BRI
    • o   Use only for voice and has only 3 channels – 2 voice (64K) and one signaling (16K)
    • o   Has 2 Business Lines used for broadcasting
    • o   This is a LEC Product and CLEC can offer LD over a BRI
    • o   Install usually takes 3-5 business days
  16. How can advanced toll free feature quick call allocator help a business?
    • ·         It can help in a disaster recovery scenario
    • ·         Helps route calls to specific call centers based upon a calculated percentage
  17. What are reasons you might sell a customer in North Carolina Legacy B business line over a Legacy T business line?
    • ·         Always lead with an ABN product
    • ·         Takes less time to install a product
    • ·         Legacy B is cheaper than Legacy T
  18. What does it mean when an account is considered to be “New Logo”
    • ·         This means that someone does not have AT&T services
    • ·         The customer is unable to be found in SAART or BCI
  19. What System does an A/E use to verify Legacy T Local Service Availability
    ·         ASOC/CDST
  20. True/False – Legacy SBC products are regulated by FCC?
  21. What is Centrex? What are the customer facing benefits of having this service in place?
    • ·         Centrex is a multi-phone line system
    • ·         Great for customers who have multiple locations
    • ·         Does not have capital expenditure
    • ·         Has greater than 100 standard features and is very reliable
  22. What is Complete Link 2.0? Include what it does, why it is used, what products, and how the discounts work.
    • ·         Complete Link 2.0 is a PBX based system that has equipment managed and located at AT&T
    • ·         The customer receives a discount based upon the MAC. The higher the MAC the better the MAD for discounts
    • ·         Contributory services include (Local usage, Toll Free, MRC
  23. Describe the difference between these following products:
    ·         Business Local Calling Unlimited Plan
    ·         Business Local Calling BOT Plan – ·         Business Local Calling Measured Plans
    ·         Messages based
    • ·         Business Local Calling Unlimited Plan – Flat Rate, UNL calling plan with an A and B option
    • ·         Business Local Calling BOT Plan – Blocks of time for all users, very similar to a Business Talk plan
    • ·         Business Local Calling Measured Plans – Plan that has a customer billed on a per minute rate
    • ·         Messages based – Billing that has customers billed per call they make.
  24. AMA’s
  25. Xora
    • o   GPS tracking, uses Google maps, and Geo Fencing
    • o   Cost 21.99 per month
  26. Pronto Forms
    o   Wireless forms that help eleviate paper work and speed up efficiency and sales process
  27. Intuit
    o   Card reader that lets the company take credit card payments on a smartphone or tablet
  28. Office Reach
    o   Has unlimited 411 calls
  29. Office @ Hand
    • o   Give small Business a big business feel
    • o   Auto Attendant and 10 virtual numbers
    • o   EFax which helps eleviate paper and toner charges a company may have
    • o   Up to 10 phones having simultaneous rings
  30. What is a discount a customer can receive under an ABN?
    o   Local Access receives a 33% discount
  31. What is a discount a customer can receive with MIS?
    • o   On Port, if more than a year you receive a 36% discount
    • o   2 years receive a 40% discount
    • o   Remember to price access by the number of T’s a customer is looking to bond
  32. What is Redundancy?
    Backing up with a wireless system
  33. If a customer has a wired solution they can implement what wireless solution should they implement?
    • If a customer has a wired solution they can implement a wireless solution such as a Wireless WAN
    • o   Wireless WAN – Telemetry plan associated based on how much data an individual company needs
  34. What should you do if a company does not want their employees to text?
    • ·         Go into Phoenix
    • o   Once in Phoenix add text/data opt out
  35. What system do you use to perform a BAN to BAN transfer
    • ·         E-Teams and Phoenix
    • o   Submit a form stating you would like to have one number transferred from one BAN to another BAN
  36. What are the prices for these Data Plans
    ·         3GB personal
    ·         3GB Enterprise pro
    ·         5BG Enterprise Pro
    ·         5GB Enterprise Pro w/ tethering
    • ·         3GB personal - $30
    • ·         3GB Enterprise pro - $45
    • ·         5BG Enterprise Pro - $50
    • ·         5GB Enterprise Pro w/ tethering - $65
  37. ETF = Early Termination Fees
    • ·         Smartphones
    • o   $325 minus $10 for every month the contract is honored
    • ·         Voice only phones
    • o   $150 minus $4 for every month the contract is honored
  38. List the 4 different rate plans AT&T has to offer:
  39. 1.       Family Talk – Caps at 5
    • 2.       Business talk – Caps at 50 where there is a set of minutes that everyone pulls from
    • 3.       Business Pooled – Everyone brings their own minutes and has the ability to share
    • 4.       Nations Unlimited – Unlimited plan that costs $70
  40. AT&T LEC’s
    ·         Ameritech, Nevada Bell, Pacific Bell, S-NET, Southwestern Bell
  41. Name the different ways a laptop can connect to the internet outside of the office:
    • 1.       Wi-Fi
    • 2.       Mi-FI
    • 3.       Laptop connect cards
    • 4.       Tethering
  42. List the GSM Platform Evolution
  43. List the CDMA platform
    1xRTT – EVDO – LTE
  44. Benefits of the GSM platform
    • ·         Global
    • ·         Simultaneous voice and data
    • ·         Faster fall back speeds
    • ·         OEMs create more devices to run on the platform
    • ·         Sim Card advantage
  45. ACDA Agreements:
    • ·         Attainment ($250 a month and 6 or more lines)
    • ·         MAC ($45,000 a year and 50 CRU)
  46. What is the difference between the ISBS and AMB agreements
    ·         ISBS allows a customer to have wireless and wireline products on the same agreement ·         AMB can only have mobility on the agreement.
  47. What are three types of DSL:
    1.       ADSL – Asymmetrical with 12,000 ft 2.       SDSL – Symmetrical with 15,000ft 3.       IDSL – Has the farthest range but speeds very with 18,000 ft
  48. Why would you pick MIS over DSL? 
    MIS is managed internet service with guaranteed service level agreements ·         Speed is guaranteed and more accommodating because MIS can run over anything
  49. MIS+ vs. MIS Basic:
    • ·         MIS+ is managed and AT&T provides the CPE
    • ·         MIS Basic has the customer own their own CPE while maintaining and repairing it themselves
  50. AT&T MPLS offerings:
    • ·         PNT (Managed, Unmanaged, Domestic) o   Components that are involved in pricing PNT §  Port §  Access §  PNT Uplift o   Port and uplift charges are found in the MPLS PNT Pricing Guide while the discounts are found in the PNT Field Authority Discount Guide
    • ·         EVPN (Managed, International, or Domestic)
    • ·         AVPN (Managed, Unmanaged, International, Domestic)
  51. Tech 360 and Backup and Go Benefits:
    ·         Tech 360 gives tech support to companies that cannot support/afford an IT department ·         Backup and Go is a data recovery system that enables companies to have faith they will never lose a file.
  52. Product Buckets and Products in each bucket
    • 1.       Mobility – CRU/IRU
    • 2.       Data – MPLS offerings, PNT, EVPN, AVPN
    • 3.       AT&T Application – Web hosting, Tech 360
    • 4.       Infrastructure – Long Distance, IP Toll Free
    • 5.       MOW (Most of World) – CRU/IRU billed in a Yen
  53. Describe Class of Service
    ·         Prioritizes traffic on your network such as voice/video/data ·         Only an IP product ·         Classifies service based on their priority ·         Latency sensitive applications are voice and video.
  54. What do you use Clarify Lite for?
    ·         Used to issue credits back to customers and goodwill credits for retention purposes
  55. What system will you use to create mobility contracts

    What things can be done in ROME?

    What system can you find the AOP?

    What two systems can you place wireline orders?
  56. What system will you use to create mobility contracts
    • ·         Phoenix
    • What things can be done in ROME?
    • ·         Log Activities, Create Opportunities, Manage Funnel, ADD/Change AOP
    • What system can you find the AOP?
    • ·         ROME and Phoenix
    • What two systems can you place wireline orders?
    • ·         RDS and ROME
  57. A Customer is concerned that Verizon is ahead of the game with their LTE deployment. What points would you discuss with your customer?
    ·         We have a double layered 4G network which gives you a stronger fallback when you are out of LTE range, while with Verizon when you are out of LTE range you fallback to slow 3G speeds ·         Verizon is on the CDMA Platform which is end of life technology.
  58. What are some examples of Telephony CPE?
    Fax Machine, Telephone, Router, Modem
  59. IP Flex
    • ·         Voice and Data over the same dedicated transport line
    • ·         PBX and is premise based with features
    • ·         Good for one location and is hosted on the customers premise
  60. VDNA
    • ·         Mostly voice oriented
    • ·         Information travels over a non dedicated lane
    • ·         Scalable
    • ·         Is network based and hosted by AT&T with lots of different features
  61. Problems with AT&T Network and dropped calls
    • ·         Invested $95 Billion over the past five years into our network
    • ·         2 out of every 1000 calls are dropped
    • ·         Mark your spot can locate where your calls are being dropped.
    • ·         Coverage map to wee what type of coverage you are receiving in a specific area
  62. Pronto Forms
    • ·         Digitized forms used for quicker access and upload speeds
    • ·         Easy to send/receive to anyone on phones and tablets
    • ·         Save time with completeting/distribution of forms and save money on paper and ink charges.
    • ·         Back-end data based integration
  63. Private Lines
    • ·         Distance sensitive
    • ·         Connects two locations privately
    • ·         Need multiple connections to connect to different locations
    • ·         IS a physical connection for plain old data
  64. Hype about spectrum
    • ·         IT is a limited resource that is needed to stay connected with people
    • ·         We are using more voice and data and as the highway gets fuller AT&T needs to buy more spectrum
    • ·         It is needed to make a phone call and is regulated by the FCC
  65. Why did AT&T go away from unlimited Data?
    • ·         Because 98% of our customers were using less than 2% of our data ·         There were a small amount of users using a lot of our network data which was unfair. ·         It was an industry trend
    • ·         We also offer different plans if you need more data.
  66. Virtualization
    • o   Benefits of Virtualization
    • §  Allows multiple operating systems and applications to be supported on one physical system
    • §  Allows VM’s to be isolated from each other and from the physical hardware
    • §  Allows Optimal utilization of the physical server resources
    • §  Can decrease cost, open up physical space, improve companies green rating, save on electric bills, save on CPE, and has a HUGE ROI.
  67. Companies involved in virtualization:
    • o   AT&T is one of 8 companies that are VMware Certified for cloud services
    • o   VM Ware
    • §  Is the market leader because it was 1st to market
    • §  Invented the software and specializes in virtual software
    • §  VM Ware is owned by EMC
    • o   Microsoft
    • o   Xen
  68. Cloud Services (Amazon is the first to market and this an industry leader
    • o   CAST
    • §  Support group that helps cloud customers when they first start with the product
    • o   CRM
    • §  Customer Record Management
    • o   Advantage of AT&T Cloud:
    • §  We own our own network
    • §  Customers receive their own account executive for support
  69. Types of AT&T cloud services:
    • §  Public
    • ·         Fill a need for rapid access to affordable computing resources. Many companies use Software as a Service or Customer Resource Management to help support sales teams. Helps manage growth effectively.
    • §  Private
    • ·         Highly virtualized data center that sits behind a company’s firewall Owned and operated by a single company that controls the way services are expensed to various departments and partners
    • §  Hybrid:
    • ·         Combination of a private could foundation with a strategy use of public
  70. Synaptic Compute (CAAS)
    • §  Used for large businesses.
    • §  AT&T builds capability for a customer’s IT teams to use.
    • §  When a customer is buying CAAS, they are buying virtual machines and infrastructure
    • ·         A Company builds and owns the machines
    • ·         AT&T provides tem a virtual machine
  71. Platform (PAAS)
    • §  Used for small business
    • §  Has 50 preset templates in the portal
    • §  Price is based on the number of users which is determined by the administrator.
    • §  Dashboard is a feature that allows people to see day-to-day activity
    • ·         Can create an application with a spreadsheet
    • ·         Can add different assets and have platforms for different applications
    • ·         Able to get to market quickly and will have a dynamic demand
    • ·         Allows companies to pay per user
  72. Storage (SAAS)
    • §  Used to store data in a secure, reliable network
    • §  Product is scalable allowing companies to pay as based on the amount of space needed ·         The hardware is produced by EMC
  73. 4 Sector’s of AT&T Emerging Services
    • o   Governance Risk & Compliance
    • o   Payment Card Industry
    • o   Technical Services
    • o   Application Security
  74. Regulations that cloud companies must adhere to
    • o   Dodd –Frank
    • o   Hippa
    • o   Sarbane Oxley
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