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    • Practice management
    • Refers to all activities related to running a professional services business: business organization, human resources management, and marketing, as well as providing the actual services to complete projects, including project management
  1. Architect is found negligent when
    • 1) legal duty established between parties
    • 2) shown that architect breached duty
    • 3) shown that breach of duty was the cause of damage or injury suffered by other party
  2. Tort
    A civil wrong ( as contrasted with a criminal act) that causes injury to another person
  3. bidding documents (7)
    • 1)bidding requirements
    • 2)contract forms
    • 3)conditions of the contract
    • 4) specs
    • 5) contract dwgs
    • 6) resource dwgs
    • 7) addendas
  4. project manual (4)
    • 1) bidding requirements
    • 2) contract forms
    • 3) conditions of contract
    • 4)specs
  5. contract documents (6)
    • 1) contract forms
    • 2) conditions of the contract
    • 3) specs
    • 4) contract dwgs
    • 5) addenda
    • 6) modifications
  6. Contingent liability
    Architect's liability for the acts of independent consultants who are retained to perform professional services
  7. Cost plus fee with contractor
    Negotiated before construction docs are completed. Fair, flexible, and allows the owner to benefit from fluctuating market conditions by modifying the program materials as work progresses.
  8. Quality control
    Requires a project architect or designated quality control review were to check the work immediately before it is distributed to the user. At how to catch any errors and they have been made, that has the disadvantage of detecting them at a very end of the process when they may be more costly to fix went I may not allow for comprehensive revision of the trying affected.
  9. Quality assurance
    Requires periodic checks off to work while it is being developed. For example periodic checks it's may be generated for the reviewer when the project is 25%, 50%, 90% complete. This allows the reviewer to pick up errors earlier in the process and its intended to produce a better coordinated set of documents.
  10. Total quality management (TQM)
    Goes beyond quality control and quality assurance with the goal of customer satisfaction
  11. How how many days before bid must a substitution be submitted
    10 days
  12. Upon completion of work, contractor must submit
    • 1) extra stock a materials list in the specifications
    • 2) a certificate of occupancy
    • 3) warranties and operating instructions
    • 4) inspection certificate to be submitted at project close out
  13. If a claim for additional money for extra worked caused by unforeseen circumstances is made the architect respond within...
    10 days
  14. Gantt chart
    Best for evaluating duration only, because they list the activities to be completed but do no explain interrelationships between tasks.
  15. Architects should keep dwgs
    Until statue of repose has ended
  16. Open specs
    • Several 3-5 appropriate material/products/systems are given and the contractor can use any of them, or suggest his own if he can prove the performance and quality is equal
    • Used with public job and/or want competitive bid
  17. Proprietary specs
    • Closed prescriptive base bid
    • Products/materials/systems are specifically listed by name and number and there's no substitutions allowed.
    • Used when architect or owner wants specific product
  18. Descriptive spec
    • All components of products, their arrangement and methods of assembly, physical and chemical properties, arrangement and relationship of parts and numerous other details and requirements are described.
    • Used when the most detailed of all specs to be used when architect is certain the assembly product will function properly
  19. Performance spec
    • Like an open spec, but instead of listing manufacturers, the required expectations/criteria and results for the intended system are given
    • Used when u don't have manufacturer and contractor can bid competively
  20. Reference spec
    • Like an open spec, but items have to meet specific testing authority requirements (UL, ASTM, ANSI)
    • Used when architect wants or needs things to conform with requirements
  21. Cash allowance spec
    A dollar amount decided upon by the architect/owner, and to be set aside for a product/system that hasn't been totally designed or figured out yet
  22. Professional liability
    • AKA builder's risk
    • Liability due to negligence or not meeting the standard of care expected of them
    • For architects and design professionals
  23. Property insurance
    • AKA builders risk
    • Covers any damage, loss of work on site/off site/in transit
    • For owner for cost of project
  24. Loss of use
    • Any financial loss due to delay in construction because of damage, accidents, fire, other hazards needed to be dealt with
    • For owner
  25. Worker's comp
    • Liability to employees for injury
    • For architects, contractors, most employers
  26. Contractual
    • AKA indemnification
    • Liability assumed by contract where contractors agree to hold owners/architects harmless from damages that are a result of specific events
  27. Product and completed operations
    • Liability for damages caused by installed goods after the construction phase and transfer of title
    • For contractor
  28. Fixed fee
    • AKA stipulated sum agreement
    • A lump sum for a particular scope of services. Contingencies are included (5-10%) to cover the risk that the costs exceed the budget on which the fee is based. Reimbursable are extra.
    • For owner/contractors
    • For owner/architect
  29. Cost plus fee (to GMP)
    • Reimbursement for actual expense to perform the work (includes salaries, employee benefits, office overhead) plus a negotiated fee for profit. Usually includes a GMP
    • For owner/contractor or owner/architect
  30. Percentage of construction cost
    • Based on percentage of the total construction cost
    • For owner/architect
  31. Contract sum
    • Total amount table for the performance of the work done under the requirements of the contract documents
    • For owner/contractor
  32. Supplementary general conditions
    Additional requirements to the conditions including the project material that I used to modify the general conditions, accommodates any specific legal, climatic, or site conditions of the particular project
  33. Special conditions
    Additional requirements to the supplementary general conditions usually requested by government or local building agencies
  34. General conditions
    States rights, responsibilities, and relationships of parties involved
  35. Subrogation
    A procedure by which an insurance company, after it pays a loss two its insured, can attempt to recover this amount from some other party who may have actually cause the loss
  36. Architect has how many days to approve the contractors pay app
    7 days
  37. Division One
    General requirements division of the specs which establish the administrative and procedural duties of the contractor, architect... and owner during construction
  38. Sound Transmission Class (STC)
    Method of rating acoustic efficiency of various wall or floor systems in isolating airborne sound transmission
  39. Impact Isolation Class (IIC)
    Used to consider effects of impact noised on floor assemblies caused by foot traffic or machinery
  40. Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)
    Amplification and reverberation are functions of the absorptive characteristic of a material rating
  41. ASTM
    American Society for Testing and Materials
  42. Waterproofing spec
    Base bid spec
  43. Part 1 of specs
    Sequencing and scheduling; delivery, storage, and handling; maintenance
  44. Part 2 of specs
    Product requirements
  45. Part 3 of specs
    Standards of execution
  46. Allowances cover
    Material only
  47. ADA
    All buildings after 1993 must meet ADA in all areas of the building
  48. Pro forma
    Analysis of the financial feasibility of a potential project
  49. Contract documents
    • A201
    • Owner and contractor
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