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    • Efficiency formula
    • Net area/gross area
  1. Clerk of the works
    • Representative hired by the owner to monitor progress on site and keep project records.
    • The architect's project representative is an employee of the architect who is on site whenever construction is underway
  2. Indemnification
    • A contractual obligation whereby one party agrees to guarantee another party against loss or damage from specified liabilities. Also called 'Hold Harmless Clause'.
    • A201 requires contractor to idemnify the owner, arch, consultants from claims, damages,...
  3. Privity
    Protects two contracted parties from claims made by a 3rd party. The architect (for ex) is protected from claims by the contractor because the architect is only contractually bound to the owner. This protection has deteroated since mid-1950s and architects are now increasingly subject to litigation.
  4. AIA handbook of professional practice: sequence of drawings
    • Site plan
    • Demo plan
    • Floor plan
    • Schedules
    • Building sections
    • Exterior elevations
    • Interior elevations
    • Reflected ceiling plan
    • Exterior details
    • Interior details

    • Structural
    • Mechanical
    • Plumbing
    • Electrical
  5. Specs: part 1, part 2, part 3
    • Part 1: General
    • Related docs, summary, related sections, submittals, delivery storage and handling, site conditions

    • Part 2: Products
    • Material, installation accessories

    • Part 3: Execution
    • Examination, preparation, installation, protection and cleaning
  6. Surety
    an individual or company that guarentees to make good to another party the debt, default, or failure to perform of a 3rd party
  7. AIA Forms (Sections)
    • A series: Owner/Contractor Docs
    • B series: Owner/Architect Docs
    • C series: Architect/Consultant Docs
    • D series: Architect/Industry Docs
    • G series: Architect Office/ Project Docs
  8. Ancillary Space
    nonpublic areas or spaces of the stations usually used to house or contain operating, maintenance, or support equipment and functions
  9. US CAD Standards (sheet drawings)
    • A00.00-schedules, master keynote legend, general notes
    • A01.00-plans
    • A02.00-elevations
    • A03.00-sections
    • A04.00-large scale views
    • A05.00-details
    • A06.00-schedules and diagrams
    • A07.00-user defined
    • A08.00-user defined
    • A09.00-three-dimensional representations
  10. accessory space
    • small area subsidiary to the primary occupancy of the building in which it is located
    • does not exceed 10% of the floor area of main occupancy
    • not required to be separated with fire rating
  11. incidential use
    • incidental to a main occupancy and has the same classification as the nearest main occupancy, but must be separated from the main occupancy by a fire barrier, equipped with an automatic fire extinguisher system or both
    • can not exceed 10% off the area of the story where it is located
  12. vicarious libability
    indirect liability imposed on a party resulting from the acts or omissions of another person for whom the party is responsible
  13. divisions sections for specs (1-20)
    • division 1: general requirements
    • division 2: existing conditions
    • division 3: concrete
    • division 4: masonry
    • division 5: metals
    • division 6: wood, plastic, and composites
    • division 7: thermal and moisture protection
    • division 8: openings
    • division 9: finishes
    • division 10: specialties
    • division 11: equipment
    • division 12: furnishings
    • division 13: special construction
    • division 14: conveying equipment
  14. divisions sections for specs (20-40)
    • division 21: fire suppression
    • division 22: plumbing
    • division 23: HVAC, heating, ventilation and air condition
    • division 25: integrated automation
    • division 26: electrical
    • division 27: communications
    • division 28: electronic safety and security
    • division 31: earthwork
    • division 32: exterior improvements
    • division 33: utilities
    • division 34: transportation
    • division 35: waterway and marine construction
  15. project records
    should be kept until "the statue of repose period" has ended
  16. contractor responsibilities
    • repair work one year after finish construction
    • warrants: "work will be free from defects not inherent in the quality required or permitted, and that the work will conform to the requirements of contract documents."
  17. inclusionary zonning
    requires construction of low-income housing
  18. cluster zonning
    allows structures to be grouped and preserve open space on other parts of site
  19. Planned Unit Development
    an area set aside for a specific use, such as residential sub division or a mix of commerical or residential use
  20. overlay zonning
    an example: Historic Preservation District
  21. performance bond
    issued by a surety company that obligates itself to finish a project should the contractor default
  22. labor and material payment bond
    designed to pay lines if they occur
  23. tort
    a civil wrong resulting from negligence as opposed to a criminal act
  24. quasi judicial
    architect's interpretation of contract documents
  25. which take precidence when conflict (dwgs or specs)?
  26. construction change directive
    approved by architect and contractor
  27. net assignable area
    area that can be assigned to an occupant, including service and custodial spaces and restrooms
  28. circulation area
    areas required for access to subdivisions of space such as stairwells, corridors, elevators, lobbies, etc
  29. mechanical area
    all mech spaces such as equipment rooms, duct shafts, boiler rooms, and so on
  30. construction area
    area occupied by exterior walls, structural elements and partitions
  31. special conditions
    when supplementary conditions must be explained furhter - when governmental agencies require supplimentary general conditions
  32. contingency
    an amount of money set aside in a budget to cover unanticipated expenses
  33. contract documents
    working drawings, specifications, addenda, general conditions of the contract, supplementary conditions, and the owner-contractor agreement
  34. contract sum
    total amount payable by the owner to the contractor, as stated in the owner-contractor agreement, for performing the work under the contract
  35. contract time
    period of time within which the work must be completed, as established in the contract documents
  36. cost plus fee contract
    agreement under which the contractor, or the architect, is reimbursed for his or her cost and in additions, is paid a fee for his or her services
  37. date of substantial completion
    the date, certified by the archtiect, when the construction is sufficently completed, in accordance with the contract documents, so that the owner can occupy the project or specified area of the project for the intended use
  38. direct expense
    expense items directly incurred by or attributed to a specific project
  39. direct personnel expense (DPE)
    salaries and wages attribultable to a specific project, plus benefits such as employment taxes, insurane, sick leave, holidays, vacations, pensions, and similar contributions and benefits
  40. final completion
    completion of all work in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract document
  41. general conditions
    the part of the contract documents that states the rights, responsibities and relationships of the parties involved, usually by means of a standard document published by the AIA
  42. indirect expense
    overhead expense - indirectly incurred and not charged to a specific project
  43. project budget
    sum established by the owner as available for the entire project; including the construction budget, land cost, equipment cost, financing cost, cost of professional services and contingency allowances
  44. project manual
    • manual prepared by architect
    • includes: specs, bidding instructions and forms, general condtiions, supplementary conditions, special conditions, and other legal and administrative documents
  45. special conditions
    part of the contract documents, other than the general and supplementary conditions, describing unique conditions of the project
  46. substantial completion
    as defined by AIA General Conditions, completion of a project to the point where the owner can occupy all or designated portions of the work of the purpose for which it was intended
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