Ict Section 6

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  1. What is data logging and how could it be used?
    Data logging is recording and capturing data automatically by using sensors. This data can then be converted into data and stored on computers for analysis.
  2. Data logging requires both hardware and software: explain each of the following...
    1. Input sensor - explain both digital and analogue sensors. 
    2. What is a thermostat and is it an analogue sensor?
    3. Whenever a car passes past a sensor it detects it. Is this a analogue or digital sensor and why?
    4. what is an interface board?
    5. is an ADC part of the interface board?
    6. once the data has been connected to digital it is stored in .......... format?
    7. what does the initials from your previous answer stand for?
    1. a digital sensor takes data collects environmental data by coming either on or of. However, a analogue sensor collects data all the time and can take any value

    2. a thermostat is a resister which changes its resistance depending on temperature - when its hot resistance decreases. Because temperature changes all the time, and can take all values it is an analogue sensor

    3. when a car passes past a sensor it is either on or off. Thus it is a digital sensor

    4. the interface allows the user to connect the sensor to the computer

    5. Yes; analogue to digital converter is!

    6. CCV

    7. Comma Ceparated Value.
  3. Give 7 things that sensors can detect -
    • 1. Light - LDR can be used to decide when lights can be switched on and off.
    • 2. Radioactivity - Geiger counters measure the radioactivity of a source.
    • 3. Temperature - thermistors can be used to control air-conditioning.
    • 4. Sound - sound sensors check that aircraft noise is within agreed levels.
    • 5. Pressure - pressure pads used in burglar systems
    • 6. Infrared - a sensor can detect a break in a infrared beam
    • 7. Air Pressure - sensors can be used to control emergency oxygen masks on aircraft.
  4. Fill in the following gaps - 
    1. when you have a long data logging period, you can ..........a lot of valuable time compared to ...........out of valuable data if the period is too short. 

    2. what could you do if you cant decide on a data logging period?

    3. There is a rule saying that the longer the period the longer the ............could be.

    4. give the formula for calculating the number of readings.

    5. give 4 advantages and 3 disadvantages of data logging.

    • 1. waste, missing
    • 2. preliminary tests. 
    • 3. logging intervals.
    • 4. number of readings = logging period/logging intervals
    • 5. ADVANTAGES - can collect data from areas humans cannot access, data can be collected over very short or long periods, measurements between intervals are accurate and it is automatic and goes for ever with no breaks.
  5. 1. what is a control system?
    2. what are the types of control systems (please explain)?
    3. what is a feedback loop?
    4. whats another name for the interface board?
    1. a control system uses hardware and software to control the operation of a piece of equipment. 

    2. the first is dedicated control systems which have pre-programmed set of instructions for running the system - e.g. a set time interval for green traffic light. the computer-controlled system is when the user can affect the outcome.  e.g. changing traffic lights depending on volume of traffic. 

    3. a feedback loops is when information from a sensor affects the output

    4. control board
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