Dosage Calculation Practice (OB)

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  1. mg/kg Dosage Calculation:
    For a child who weighs 50 pounds,
    the doctor has ordered Gentamicin 60mg to be given I.M. every 8 hours. The drug
    guide states that a child should have I.V./I.M. 6-7.5 mg/kg/day in 3 divided
    doses. Is the dose that the doctor has ordered safe or not safe for this child?
    • The doctor has ordered Gentamicin 60 mg to be given I.M.
    • every 8 hours (60 x 3 = 180 mg per day). 
    • 50 pounds  ÷ 2.2
    • pounds = 22.727272 kg (Do not round calculator)
    • 6 mg X 22.727272 kg = 136.36363 mg per day or 136 mg per
    • day
    • 7.5 mg X 22.727272 kg = 170.45454 mg per day or 170 mg
    • per day
    • The safe range for this drug is 136 – 170 mg per day
    • The dose ordered for this child is not a safe dose.
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  3. The physician has ordered an IV of Lactated Ringers to infuse at 65 mL/hr.  The calibration on the IV tubing is 15 drops/mL.  The IV will infuse at how many drops per
    16.25 or 16 drops per minute
  4. The Primary Care Provider (PCP) has ordered an IV of D5NS to infuse at 42
    mL/hr.  The calibration on the IV tubing
    is 10 drops/mL.  The IV will infuse at
    how many drops per minute?
    7 drops per minute
  5. A 12-year-old child is admitted to the Pediatric Unit for an acute asthmatic
    attack.  He weighs 37.2 kg. The physician
    orders Theophylline 5 mg/ kg (orally) as a loading dose. How many mg would the
    loading dose be?
    5mg x 37.2 kg = 186 mg loading dose
  6. A 4-year-old girl is brought to the Emergency Department with fever and ear
    pain.  She is diagnosed with otitis
    media.  She weighs 33 lbs.  The physician orders Amoxicillin 15 mg/kg
    every 8 hrs.  One dose is how many
    15mg x 15 kg = 225 mg single dose
  7. The client in labor has oxytocin (Pitocin) infusing at 15 mu/minute.  She has 20 units of Pitocin in 1000 mL of Normal
    Saline I.V. solution.  If this client is
    receiving 15 mu/min, then how many mL/hr would her IV infusion pump be set at?
    • 15mu/min. x 3 = 45 mL/hr. on the IV
    • infusion pump
  8. The nurse enters the client’s room who is receiving oxytocin (Pitocin) through the I.V. pump. The IV bag contains 20 units of Pitocin in 1000 mL Normal Saline. The I.V. pump is currently displaying 30 mL/hr. How many mu/minute is the client receiving?
    30mL/hr ÷ 3mL/hr. = 10 mu/min
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