BIOL 404-Exam 4-Reproduction 14

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  1. What hormone causes the proliferative stage of the menstrual cycle?
  2. What hormone causes the secretory stage of the menstrual cycle?
  3. During what part of the menstrual cycle are estrogen and progesterone lowest?
    During menstruation
  4. When does the first phase of meiosis come to an end in the female?
    At the time of ovulation
  5. Other than progesterone, estrogen or Inhibin the follicle is stimulated to produce what between days 12-13?
    Prostaglandins and Digestive hormones
  6. Near the end of the luteal phase what hormones are inhibited?
    LH, FSH and GnRH
  7. What time periods in a female's life does Estrogen have the most effect?
    During pregnancy and puberty
  8. What action type does estrogen have with oxytocin?
  9. What hormone does estrogen have a synergistic action with?
  10. Where are estrogen receptors found?
    Throughout the whole body
  11. What hormone has an anti-acne effect?
  12. When are acne flare ups most common in females?
    Near the end of their cycle when estrogen is at it's lowest, just before menstruation
  13. What hormone causes closure of epipheseal plates?
  14. What area of the body does progesterone have an effect?
    Primarily Local, some peripheral
  15. What is the one systemic effect of progesterone?
    Body temperature regulation
  16. Hot flashes during menopause are due to what?
    Decreasing progesterone levels
  17. What hormones are secreted from the ovaries?
    • Estrogen
    • Progesterone
    • Inhibins
  18. What cycle occurs in parallel to the ovarian cycle?
    The menstrual cycle
  19. What cycle occurs in parallel to the menstrual cycle?
    The ovarian cycle
  20. What sex related hormone causes most peripheral effects in females?
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