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  1. 1 [uncountable] the mass of things like fine threads that grows on your head 2 [countable] one of the long fine things like thread that grows on people’s heads and on other parts of their bodies, or similar things that grow on animals
    hair /heə $ her/
  2. [countable] one of the organs on either side of your head that you hear with
    ear /ɪə $ ɪr/
  3. [countable] the soft round part of your face below each of your eyes
    cheek /tʃiːk/
  4. [countable] the passage from the back of your mouth to the top of the tubes that go down to your lungs and stomach
    throat /θrəʊt $ θroʊt/
  5. [countable] the part of your face above your eyes and below your hair
    fore‧head /ˈfɒrəd, ˈfɒrɪd, ˈfɔːhed $ ˈfɔːrəd, ˈfɑː-, ˈfɔːrhed/
  6. [countable] the line of hair above your eye
    eye‧brow /ˈaɪbraʊ/
  7. [countable] one of the small hairs that grow along the edge of your eyelids
    eye‧lash /ˈaɪlæʃ/
  8. [countable] a piece of skin that covers your eye when it is closed
    eye‧lid /ˈaɪlɪd/
  9. [countable] one of the two holes at the end of your nose, through which you breathe and smell things
    nos‧tril /ˈnɒstrəl, ˈnɒstrɪl $ ˈnɑː-/
  10. [countable] one of the two soft parts around your mouth where your skin is redder or darker
    lip /lɪp/
  11. [countable] the front part of your face below your mouth
    chin /tʃɪn/
  12. [countable] the part of your body that joins your head to your shoulders, or the same part of an animal or bird
    neck /nek/
  13. [countable] the joint where your arm bends
    el‧bow /ˈelbəʊ $ -boʊ/
  14. [countable] one of the two parts on each side of your body between the top of your leg and your waist
    hip /hɪp/
  15. [countable] the narrow part in the middle of the human body
    waist /weɪst/
  16. [countable] the top part of your leg, between your knee and your hip
    thigh /θaɪ/
  17. [countable] the joint that bends in the middle of your leg
    knee /niː/
  18. [countable] the top part of your body that has your face at the front and is supported by your neck
    head /hed/
  19. [countable] one of the two parts of the body that you use to see with
    eye /aɪ/
  20. [countable] the part of a person’s or animal’s face used for smelling or breathing
    nose /nəʊz $ noʊz/
  21. [countable] the part of your face which you put food into, or which you use for speaking
    mouth /maʊθ/
  22. [countable] one of the two parts of the body at each side of the neck where the arm is connected
    shoul‧der /ˈʃəʊldə $ ˈʃoʊldər/
  23. [countable] the front part of your body between your neck and your stomach
    chest /tʃest/
  24. [countable] one of the two long parts of your body between your shoulders and your hands
    arm /ɑːm $ ɑːrm/
  25. [countable] the part of your body at the end of your arm, including your fingers and thumb, that you use to hold things
    hand /hænd/
  26. [countable] one of the four long thin parts on your hand, not including your thumb
    fin‧ger /ˈfɪŋɡə $ -ər/
  27. [countable] the part of your hand that is shaped like a thick short finger and helps you to hold things
    thumb /θʌm/
  28. [countable] the front part of your leg between your knee and your foot
    shin /ʃɪn/
  29. [countable] the joint between your foot and your leg
    an‧kle /ˈæŋkəl/
  30. [countable] the part of your body that you stand on and walk on
    foot /fʊt/
  31. [countable] one of the five movable parts at the end of your foot
    toe /təʊ $ toʊ/
  32. [countable] the bones of a person’s or animal’s head
    skull /skʌl/
  33. [countable usually plural] one of the two bones above your cheeks, just below your eyes
    cheek‧bone /ˈtʃiːkbəʊn $ -boʊn/
  34. [countable] one of the pair of bones that go from the bottom part of your neck to your shoulders
    col‧lar‧bone /ˈkɒləbəʊn $ ˈkɑːlərboʊn/
  35. [countable] one of the 12 pairs of curved bones that surround your chest
    rib /rɪb/
  36. [countable] the set of large wide curved bones at the base of your spine, to which your legs are joined
    pel‧vis /ˈpelvəs, ˈpelvɪs/
  37. [countable] the bone at the front of your knee
    knee cap
  38. [countable] one of the hard white objects in your mouth that you use to bite and eat food
    tooth /tuːθ/
  39. the plural of tooth
    teeth /tiːθ/
  40. [countable] one of the two bones that your teeth are in
    jaw /dʒɔː $ dʒɒː/
  41. [countable] one of the two flat bones on each side of your back
    shoulder blade
  42. [countable] the row of connected bones that go down the middle of your back SYN spine
    back‧bone /ˈbækbəʊn $ -boʊn/
  43. [countable] the row of bones down the centre of your back that supports your body and protects your spinal cord SYN backbone
    spine /spaɪn/
  44. [countable] the thick string of nerves enclosed in your spine, by which messages are sent to and from your brain
    spinal cord
  45. [countable] 1 the organ inside your body where food begins to be digested 2 the front part of your body, below your chest
    stom‧ach /ˈstʌmək/
  46. 1 [countable] one of the two organs in your lower back that separate waste products from your blood and make urine 2 [uncountable and countable] one or more of these organs from an animal, used as food
    kid‧ney /ˈkɪdni/
  47. [countable] the long tube in your body through which food passes after it leaves your stomach SYN gut
    in‧tes‧tine /ɪnˈtestən, ɪnˈtestɪn/
  48. [countable] the organ inside your head that controls how you think, feel, and move
    brain /breɪn/
  49. [countable] one of the two organs in your body that you breathe with
    lung /lʌŋ/
  50. 1 [countable] a large organ in your body that produces bile and cleans your blood 2 [uncountable and countable] the liver of an animal, used as food
    liv‧er /ˈlɪvə $ -ər/
  51. [countable] 1 the organ in your body that holds urine (=waste liquid) until it is passed out of your body 2 a bag of skin, leather, or rubber, for example inside a football, that can be filled with air or liquid
    blad‧der /ˈblædə $ -ər/
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