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  1. Edward Lear Hotel
    Seymour Street
  2. FA Premier League
    Gloucester Place
  3. Hart House Hotel
    Gloucester Place
  4. Wyndham Hotel
    Wyndham Street
  5. Everyman Cinema W1
    Baker Street
  6. Hertford House W1
    Manchester Square
  7. Latvia Embassy
    Nottingham Place
  8. Maldives High Commission
    Nottingham Place
  9. Hotel La Place
    Nottingham Place
  10. Regency Hotel W1
    Nottingham Place
  11. Conran Shop W1
    Marylebone High Street
  12. Harley Street Clinic
    Weymouth Street
  13. Dabbous Restaurant
    Whitfield Street
  14. Hayes Place
    Harewood Avenue/Lisson Grove
  15. Balcombe Street
    Marlybone Road/Melcombe Place
  16. West End House
    Hills Place/Ramillies Place/Ramillies Street
  17. Cambridge Square
    Southwick Street/Norfolk Cresent
  18. 503 Theatre TA
    LoL BPR R Stanmer St R Colstown Street Lor R BBR
  19. Rysbrack Street
    Stockhouse Street/Pavilion Rd/Basil Street
  20. Mulbery Walk
    The Vale/Old Church Street
  21. Louis Vuitton W1
    New Bond Street
  22. Le Suquet Restaurant
    Draycott Avenu
  23. Obika Restaurant SW3
    Draycott Avenu
  24. Jesus Green
    Barnet Grove Colombia Rd/Gosset Strreet
  25. Famous Three Kings PH TA
    LoL NER R Castletown Rd L Chaloner St L Charville Rd
  26. Famous Three Kings PH TA
    L NER L Gunterstone Rd R Trevanion Rd R Edith Rd R NER
  27. New Providance Wharf/Radison Edward
    LoR Fairmont Ave L Biscayne Ave R Blackwall Way L Baffin Way
  28. New Providance Wharf/Radison Edward
    Peters Lane/Cowcross Street
  29. Hooper Square
    Hooper Street
  30. Banner Street
    Bunhill Row/Golden Lane
  31. Old Jewry
    Cheapside/Gresham Street
  32. Jerusalam Passage
    Aylesbury Street/St John's Square
  33. Army and Navy Club
    St James Square In By Pall Mall only
  34. Yukon Road
    Cavendish Rd/Balham High Road
  35. Savernake Road
    Constantine Road/Mansfield Road
  36. Vale of Health
    East Heath Road
  37. Holiday Inn Swiss Cottage
    Fnchley Road/Frognal Court
  38. Flask NW3
    Flask Walk/Back Lane/Gayton Road
  39. Langorf Hotel
  40. Church Row
    Frognal/Heath Street
  41. Bell Moor
    East Heath Road
  42. Upper Terrace
    Heath Street/Lower Terrace
  43. Queen Marys Hospital
    Halford Road
  44. Tanza Road
    Parliament Hill
  45. Nassington Road
    Parliament Hill
  46. Air Studios
    Lyndhurst Road
  47. Freud Museum
    Meresfield Gardens
  48. YWCA Danish
    Meresfield Gardens/Nutley Terrace
  49. Southbank International School
    Netherhall Gardens
  50. Nutley Terrace
    Netherhall gardens/daleham gardens
  51. Royal School Hampstead
    Vane close
  52. Redington Road
    West Heath Road/Frognal
  53. Wellington House NW8
    Greenberry Street
  54. The Old Aeroworks NW8
    Hatton Street/Boscobel Street
  55. Quinton Kynaston School
    Marlborough Hill
  56. Crown Court NW8
    Park road
  57. Viceroy Court
    Prince Albert Road/Eamont Rd
  58. Bentick Close
    Prince Albert Road
  59. Park View
    Prince Albert Road
  60. Imperial Court
    Prince Albert Road
  61. Dora House
    Saint Johns Wood Road
  62. Oak Tree Road
    Saint Johns Wood Road/Lodge Road
  63. Green Hut Cab Shelter NW8
    Wellington Place
  64. Garden Road
    Grove End Rd/Alma Square
  65. Embassy Court
    Wellington Road
  66. Fortess Walk
    Highgate Road/Fortess Road
  67. Ladies and Men Bathing Ponds
    Millfield Lane
  68. Kentishtown City Farm
    Cressfield Cl Grafton Rd Lamble St Oak Village
  69. Fitzroy Park
    Millfield Lane
  70. Parliament Hill Lido
    Gordon House Road
  71. Croftdown Road
    Highgate Road
  72. Lissenden Gardens
    Highgate Road
  73. Parliament Hill School
    Highgate Road
  74. William Ellis School
    Highgate Road
  75. Pizza East NW6
    Highgate Road
  76. Lady Somerset Road
    Highgate Road/Fortess Road
  77. Millfield Lane
    Highgate West Hill/Merton Lane
  78. Camden Vehicle Pound
    Regis Road
  79. Harrow Lodge
    Northwick Terrace
  80. Metropolitan Safety Deposits NW8
    Circus Road
  81. Granary Square
    Goods Way/Stable Street
  82. Filling Station
    Goods Way
  83. Kings Place TA
    LOL York Way L Wharfdale Rd L&L Crinan St R YorkWay
  84. Egg Club TA
    Vale Royal/Tileyard Road
  85. Equity/Actors Union
    Monmouth Street/Upper St Martins Lane
  86. Salamanca Street
    Albert Embankment/Vauxhall Walk
  87. Jonathan Street
    Vauxhall Walk/Vauxhall Street
  88. Hilldrop Cresent
    Camden Road/Hildrop Road
  89. Leighton Rd To North Rd
    L Leighton Gr R Brecknock Rd L Hipdrop Rd F Middleton Gr
  90. Leighton Rd To North Rd
    R Hungerford Road L Corporation Street L North Road
  91. Playhouse Theatre Stage Door
    Craven Street
  92. Heaven Club
    Hungerford Lane/Villiers Street
  93. Gordons Wine Bar
    Vlliers Street
  94. Theodore Bullfrog PH
    John Adam Street
  95. York Buildings
    John Adam Street
  96. Institute of Electrical Engineers
    Savoy Place
  97. HQS Wellington
    Victoria Embankment
  98. Temple Pier
    Victoria Embankment
  99. Master Mariners Hall
    Victoria Embankment/HQS Wellington
  100. Globe House WC2
    Temple Place/Bristish American Tobacco
  101. Devereux Court
    Essex Street/Strand
  102. Christophers Restaurant
    Wellington Street
  103. City Literary Institute Main
    Keeley Street
  104. Wild Street
    Great Queen Street/Kemble Street
  105. Moti Mahal
    Great Queen Street
  106. Twilights Bar
    Parker Street
  107. War Horse Show
    Parker Street/New London Theatre
  108. Travelodge Covent Garden
    Drury Lane/Shorts Gardens/High Holborn
  109. Saint Giles in The Fields Church
    Saint Giles High Street
  110. Shaftesbury Theatre Stage Door
    Grape Street/Shaftesbury Ave
  111. Chinese Church WC2
    Shaftesbury Avenue
  112. Hanks Acoustic Guitars
    Denmark Street
  113. Twelve Bar Club
    Denmark Street
  114. Orion House
    West Street
  115. Channel 5 TV (Old)
    Long Acre
  116. Stanfords Map Shop
    Long Acre/Floral Street
  117. Cambridge Theatre Stage Door
    Shelton Street
  118. Lamb & Flag PH WC2
    Rose Street
  119. Club for Acts & Actors/Adventure Bar
    Bedford Street
  120. Inigo Place
    Bedford Street
  121. Africa Centre
    King Street
  122. Porterhouse Restaurant
    Maiden Lane
  123. Vaudeville Theatre Stage Door
    Maiden Lane
  124. London Coliseum Stage Door
    Bedfordbury/New Row
  125. Saint Martins in The Fields Church
    Saint Martins Place
  126. Halfway to Heaven PH
    Duncannon Street
  127. Simpsons Restaurant WC2
  128. Club Quarters WC2
    Lincolns Inn Fields
  129. Cancer Research UK
    Lincolns Inn Fields
  130. London School of Economics Library
    Portugal Street
  131. South Africa High Commission
    Trafalgar Square
  132. Prince of Wales Theatre Stage Door
    Whitcomb Street
  133. Gravity Bar
    Whitcomb Street/Thistle Trafalgar Square
  134. Squares Restaurant
    Whitcomb Street/Thistle Trafalgar Square Hotel
  135. Prince Charles Cinema
    Leicester Place
  136. Radisson Edwardian Hampshire Hotel
    Leicester Square
  137. Premier Inn London Leicester Square
    Leicester Street
  138. Saint Johns Hotel
    Lisle Street/Leicester Street
  139. Poetry Place
    Betterton Street
  140. Maughan Library
    Chancery Lane
  141. Six Clerks Restaurant at The Law Society
    Chancery Lane
  142. Leicester Square Station
    Charing Cross Road
  143. Wyndhams Theatre
    Charing Cross Road
  144. Scottish Church WC2
    Crown Court/Russell Street
  145. Langley Street
    Shelton Street/Long acre
  146. London Silver Vaults
    Southampton Buildings
  147. Australia House
  148. Coal Hole PH
  149. Coutts & Co
  150. Savoy Court
  151. Southampton Buildings
    High Holborn
  152. Rudy's Revenge Restaurant
    High Holborn/Endell street
  153. Guild House WC2
    Upper saint martins lane
  154. Jamie's Italian Restaurant WC2
    Upper saint martins lane
  155. Heart FM
    Leicester Square
  156. LBC Radio
    Leicester Square
  157. Hospital Club
    Endell Street
  158. Forbidden Planet WC2
    Shaftesbury Avenue
  159. Betterton Street
    Endell Street/Drury Lane
  160. St Thomas Hospital TA
    L LPR R WBR R Upper Marsh R Royal St L LPR
  161. Thavies Inn
    Bartlett Court
  162. City Retreat PH
    Shoe Lane
  163. The Last Bar
    Shoe Lane
  164. Deloitte
    Shoe Lane
  165. Secrets Club 6
    Parker Street
  166. Bridewell Theatre
    Bride Lane
  167. Wood Lane TA
    R Nascot St L Eynham Rd L Glenroy St
  168. The Volinteer PH
    Baker Street
  169. Parachute Regirment TA Centre
    South Africa Road
  170. Wellington Club
    Knigthsbridge/Park Close
  171. Ireland Yard
    Playhouse Yard/Blackfriars Lane
  172. Royal Mile Whiskies
    Bloomsbury Street
  173. Finchley Rd and Frognal Station TA
    R Lithos Rd L Rosemont Rd
  174. Great Eastern Enterprise Centre
  175. Wine And Spirit Centre And School
    Bermondsey Street
  176. Providence Place
    Upper Street
  177. St Albans Place
    Upper Street
  178. Launch Street
    East Ferry Road
  179. Plevna Street
    Launch Street/Manchester Road
  180. The Old Salt Quey PH
    Rotherhite Street
  181. Great Russel Street TA
    R Coptic St R Willoughby St R Streatham St
  182. Hackney Library TA
    LOL Reading Lane R Hillman Street R Wilton Way
  183. Stephendale Road
    Bagleys Lane/Wandsworth Bridge Road
  184. Small & Beautiful
    Kilburn High Road
  185. Emile's Restaurant
    Felsham Road In By Bemish Rd Lve by Weiss Rd
  186. Cheltenham Terrace
    Saint Leonards Terrace/Kings Road
  187. Pear Tree Street
    Goswell Road/Central Street
  188. Pacific Wharf
    Rotherhithe Street
  189. Cottons Restaurant EC1
    Exmouth Market
  190. Guild House
    Upper Saint Martins Lane/Equity
  191. Judd Hotel
    Cartwright Gardens
  192. Rivington Grill
    Garden Walk /Rivington Street
  193. Gower Place
    Gordon Street/Gower Street
  194. Kempe Road
    Millman Road/Chamberlyne Rd
  195. Old Dairy PH
    Crouch Hill
  196. Nomura Bank EC4
    Upper Thames Street/Angel Passage
  197. Cophenagen Street TA
    Hemingford Rd R Ripplevale Grove L Lambert St
  198. Cophenagen Street TA
    R Lofting Rd Tornhill Rd Barnsbury Rd
  199. Unity Church/Unitarian Church
    Upper Street
  200. Nederlander House
    Great Russell Street
  201. Wharf Rd TA
    L Micaber St L Wenlock Rd R Sturt St
  202. Pietra Lara Apartments
    Pear Tree Street
  203. Arnhem Wharf
    Westfery Road
  204. Cabinet Office
  205. Petrus Restaurant
    Kinnerton St SDOL
  206. Salloos Restaurant
    Kinnerton St SDOR
  207. Traver Baily Sports Ground
    Dulwich Common
  208. Old Kent Rd Fire Station TA
    Trafalgar Ave L Nile Terr R Oakley Plc R Old Kent Rd
  209. Supreme Court
    Little George Stree/ Little Sanctuary/Broad Sanctuary
  210. Collage Cresscent TA
    L Belsize Park R Buckland Cre L Lancester Grove
  211. Collage Cresscent TA
    R Crossfield Rd R Adamson Rd
  212. New North Road To City Road
    Murray Gr L Sheperdess W R Micaber St
  213. New North Road To City Road
    L Thoresby St R City Rd
  214. Firecrest Drive
    West Heath Road
  215. Hospital For Tropical Diseases
    Mortimer Market
  216. Mortimer Market
    Capper Street
  217. Capper Street
    Huntley Street/Totthenham Court Road
  218. Craigs Court
  219. Little Portland Street
    Great Titchfield Street/ Great Portland Street /Regent St
  220. Little Titchfield Street
    Great Portland Street/Great Titchfield Street
  221. Red Dog Saloon
    Hoxton Square
  222. Charlotte Rd TA
    LGreat Eastern St R Phillip St L Luke St L Curtian Rd L GES
  223. Tooting Broadway TA
    L Tooting Hi St L Woodbery St L Bickley St R Mitcham Rd
  224. Tooks Court
    Cursitor Street/Furnival Street
  225. Thorney Court
    Palace Gate
  226. Janet Adegoke Sport Centre
    Bloemfontein Road
  227. Eliot Bank
    London Road
  228. Moon Street
    Stud Street/Theburton Street
  229. Shaolin Temple
    Juction Road
  230. Brass Monkey PH
    Vauxhall Bridge Road
  231. Brass Mongoose Caf
    New Bridge Street
  232. Cubana Bar
    Lower Marsh
  233. London Ambulance HQ TA
    Waterloo Rd L Baylis Rd L Frazier St L Pearman St
  234. London Ambulance HQ TA
    R Waterloo Rd L Gray St Webber St
  235. Cinnamon Club Restaurant
    Great Smith Street/Old Westminster Library
  236. Redclife Square
    Little Boltons Harcourt Terr
  237. Redclife Square
    Colehern Rd Colehern Mews Finbourgh Rd
  238. Belfast Road
    Stamford Hill/Windus Road
  239. Dublin Castle PH
  240. York and Albany PH
    Parkway/Park Village East
  241. Bath Terrace
    Harper Road
  242. Westminster School
    Little Deans Yard
  243. Fanmakers Hall
    Dowgate Hill
  244. Clockmakers Hall
    Fore Street
  245. Crouch Hall Road
    Hurst Ave/The Broadway Coleridge Road R Berkeley Rd
  246. Seddon Street
    Cubitt Street
  247. Sage Way
    Cubitt Street
  248. Well Square
    Cubitt Street
  249. Fleet Square
    Cubitt Street
  250. Elmcourt Road
    Thurlow Park Rd/Norwood Rd
  251. West Noewood Fire Station
    Norwood Road

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