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  1. Avenue Road N15
    Saint Ann Road/West Green Road
  2. Amhurst Rd TA
    Holmdale Ter L Thorpe Rd R Frinton Rd Saint Ann's Rd
  3. Pulborough Rd
    Wimbledon Park Rd /Gressenhall Rd
  4. Latchmere Theatre To Lombard Rd
    Battersea Park Rd R Bullen St L Shuttleworth Rd L
  5. Latchmere Theatre To Lombard Rd
    Batterse High St R Gwynn Rd LoR Lombard Rd
  6. Lombard Rd To Latchmere Theatre
    Gwynn Rd L BHS R Shuttleworth Rd R Inworth St
  7. Lombard Rd To Latchmere Theatre
    L BPR L BBR R Kersley St R Albert Br Rd R BPR SDOL
  8. Earlsfield Rd T Heatfield Rd Ta
    L Saint Ann's Hill R Westover Rd R Heathfield Rd
  9. Melbury Road
    Kensington High Street/Abotsbury Road
  10. Bankside House
    Sumner St R Sumner St R Emerson St L Park St R Sumner St
  11. Peter the Great Statue and Dwarf
    Glaisher Street/Millennium Quay
  12. Dickens Inn
    Saint Katharine’s Way
  13. Clarkes Restaurant W8
    Kensington Church Street
  14. Geales W8
    Kensington Place R Hillgate St R Uxbridge St
  15. Geales W9
    R Jameson St R Hillgate Place R Farmer St
  16. Garlic Hill
    Queen Victoria Street/Great Trinity Lane
  17. PJs Bar SW3
    Fulham Road
  18. Brent Magistrates Court Ta
    R Cobbold Rd R Roundwood Rd L&L Church Rd
  19. New Square
    Lincolns Inn Field
  20. Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
    Horseferry Road/Belgravia House
  21. Bow Muslim Cultural Centre
    Bow Road SDOL only In By Bow inter Change
  22. Chalcot Square
    Chalcot Rd Lve and in By Fitzroy Rd AlbertTerrace
  23. Caroline House W2
    Bayswater Road Next to Hilton Hotel
  24. Bishops Square
    Brushfield Street/Spital Square
  25. Minnie Lansbury Memorial
    Bow Road/Alfred St
  26. Cockpit Steps
    Old Queen Street
  27. Diplomat Hotel
    Chesham Street
  28. Houses of Parliament Shop
    Bridge Street
  29. Intercontinantal Hotel Westminster
  30. The Fest Octoberfest Pub PH
    Fulham Rd
  31. Hawksmore Restaurant W1
    Air Street
  32. Lucky Voice W1
    Poland Street
  33. Shadow Lounge
    Brewer Street
  34. Park West
    Park West Place
  35. Marlborough Court W8
    Pembroke Road
  36. Holborn Library
    Teobalds Road
  37. Nigeria High Commison
    Northumberland Avenue
  38. Sugar Cane Bar
    Lavender Hill
  39. Barsocial
    Lavender Hill
  40. Bridge Lane
    Surrey Lane/Battersea Bridge Road
  41. ILEC Conference Centre
    Lilly Road/Ibis Hotel
  42. Pembroke PH
    Old Brompton Rd
  43. Mr Wings Restaurant
    Old Brompton Rd
  44. St James Girls School
    Earsby Street
  45. Earsby Street
    Avonmore Rd/Hamersmith Road
  46. Kensington Village To North End Rd
    Avonmore Rd L Stonor Rd L R Stanwick Rd F Northend Cre
  47. Northend Rd to Kensington Village
    Northend Cr F Stanwick Rd F Matheson Rd R Avonmore Rd
  48. Kensington Village to Hamersmith Rd
    Avonmore Rd L Stonor Rd L R Stanwick Rd
  49. Kensington Village to Hamersmith Rd
    R Matheson Rd L Lisgar Terrace R&L Avonmore Rd
  50. Gaban Embassy
    Elvaston Place
  51. Petersham Lane
    Queen Gate Terrace/Elvaston Place
  52. Adria Hotel SW7
    Queens Gate
  53. Christies TA
    Harrington Rd R Reece Mews R Kendrick Place R Old Brompton Rd
  54. Blue Ball Yard Buildings
    AmericanBar PharLapp Copenhagen ManOWar RedRum Seagram Mateo Cucco
  55. Blue Ball Yard Buildings
    TheGovernorsSuite Victoria Constable Trafalgar Stubbs LordGodolphin
  56. Broadgate
    Appold Street/Liverpool Street
  57. City Place House
    Basinghall Street
  58. Barbican Cinema
    Beech Street
  59. Gibson Hall
  60. Royal Bank of Scotland EC2
  61. Saint Ethelburgas Church
  62. The Dollhouse
    Bishopsgate Church Yard
  63. Sushi Samba
    Bishopsgate/Heron Tower
  64. Google Campus
    Bonhill Street/Tabernacle Street
  65. Saint Mary Le Bow Church
  66. Christopher Street
    Clifton street/Wilson street
  67. Institute of Marine Engineers
    Coleman Street
  68. K10 Restaurant EC2
    Copthall Avenue
  69. Off the Wall Restaurant
    Copthall Avenue/Apex Hotel
  70. Cromwell Tower
    Cromwell Place/Beech Street
  71. Hearn Street EC2
    Curtain road/Plough Yard
  72. Eight Members Club EC2
    Dysart Street
  73. Action on Hearing Loss
    Featherstone Street/rnid
  74. Japan Chamber of Commerce
    Finsbury Circus/Salisbury House
  75. Master Gunner PH EC2
    Finsbury Square/City Road
  76. Red Herring Bar
    Gresham Street/Wood Street
  77. City Business Library EC2
  78. London Wall Buildings
    London Wall
  79. Tivoli Corner
  80. National Association Goldsmiths
    Luke Street
  81. City Point
    Moor Lane
  82. The Gable Bar
  83. Institute of Directors Hub City of London
    New Broad Street
  84. Babble City Bar
    Old Broad Street
  85. Pinners Hall
    Old Broad Street
  86. City of London Girls School
    Saint Giles Terrace/Fore Street
  87. Linklaters & Paines Solicitors
    Silk Street
  88. L'Anima Restaurant
    Snowden Street/Broadgate
  89. South Place Hotel
    South place
  90. Paul Street
    Tabernacle street/worship street
  91. Drapers Hall
    Throgmorton street
  92. The Spread Eagle PH
    Kingsland Road
  93. Revolution Bar
    America Square
  94. Gladstone Street
    St Georges Rd/Colnbrook St
  95. Scientific Instrument Makers Hall
    Montague Close
  96. Launders Hall
    Montague Close
  97. Notre Dame School
    St Georges Rd
  98. Union House
    Union Street
  99. Saint Judd Church
    St Georges Road
  100. Long Lane TA
    R Cloth St R Newbury St R Kinghorn St
  101. Long Lane TA
    R Middle St L Cloth Street R Long Lane
  102. Batemans Row
    Shoreditch High St/Curtin Rd
  103. Finch Lane
    Cornhill/Treadneedle St
  104. Royal Exchance Avenue
    Cornhill/Treadneedle St
  105. European Business School
    Inercircle/Regents Collage
  106. BT Centre
    New Gate Street
  107. Big Red PH
    Holloway Road
  108. Czech National Club
    West End Lane
  109. Kingston Square
    Salters Hill
  110. Gowers Walk
    Hooper Street/Comercial Road
  111. York Square E1
    Hooper Street
  112. Anatolia Restaurant TA
    LOL Mare St R Darnley Rd R Frampton Park R R Brent House Rd
  113. Florin Court E1
    Dock Street
  114. Chigwell Hill
    The High Way in By Virgina St Peenington St Wapping Lane
  115. Fox & Knot Street
    Charterhouse Street
  116. Blue Bridge
    Prestons Road/Drawbridge
  117. Sovereign Close E1
    Wapping Lane
  118. Guinea Court
    Royal Mint Street/John Fisher Street
  119. The Bank N6
    High Gate Hill In By High Gate Hill Leave by Chomley Park Only
  120. Antilles Bay Apartments
    Lawn House Close
  121. Cartwright Street
    East Smithfield/Royal Mint Street
  122. Golders Hill Park
    West Heath Avenue/North End Road
  123. Le Café Anglais
    Porchester Gardens
  124. Antrim Grove
    Havistock Hill/Antrim Gardens
  125. Belsize Library
    Antirm Gardens/Antrim Grome
  126. Lisson Gallery
    Bell Street
  127. Montevetro Apartments
    Battersea Church Road
  128. Bendon Valley
    Garrett Lane
  129. King Alfred School
    North End Road
  130. Ivy House NW11
    North End Road
  131. Catherine Lewis Youth Centre
    North End Road/Ivy House
  132. Jewis Cultural Centre
    North End Road/Ivy House
  133. Ewen Anderson Court SE14
    Goodwood Road SE14
  134. Bond House SE14
    Goodwood Road SE14
  135. Cygnet Rowing Club
    Dukes Meadow/Civil Service Boathouse
  136. Haddon Hall Baptist Church
    Tower Bridge Road
  137. Childeric Primary School
    Childeric Road LOR R Clifton Rise L Achillies Str LOL Pagnell St
  138. Imperial Rowing Club
  139. Hungary Embassy
    Eaton Place
  140. Locanda Locatelli Restaurant
    Seymour Street
  141. Bodo's Schloss
    Kensington High Street
  142. Bounce London
  143. Peckham Civic Centre TA
    Sandgate St R Ruby St R Handyman St
  144. Peckham Civic Centre Lve TA
    Olmar St Copm Round About Lve By Olmar St
  145. Birchin Lane
    Cornhill/Lombard Street R Clements Lane LOR King William St
  146. American Bar SW1
    Saint James's Place/Stafford Hotel
  147. Sandy's Row Synagogue
    Sandy's Row Middlesex Street
  148. Buffalo Bar
    Upper Street/Highbury Station
  149. The Sharpes Children Foundation
    Great Eastern Street
  150. Dennis Severs Museum
    Folgate Street
  151. Odins Restaurant
    Devonshire Street
  152. Film House
    Wardour Street Next L Noel Street
  153. Grafton Tennis & Squash Club
    Thornton Road
  154. Edward Alleyn Club
    Burbage Rd next R Turney Road
  155. Platform Bar & Restaurant
    Tooley Street Magdelan St Bermondsey St
  156. Rooneys Gym
    Holyrod Street
  157. Soutwark Theorey Test Centre
    Holyrod Street
  158. Pavillion Apartments
    Saint Johns Wood Road
  159. Dollar Bar & Grill
    Exmouth Market/Farringdon Road
  160. East Village Club
    Great Eastern Street
  161. Roti Chai Indian
    Portman Mews South
  162. Tree Tons PH
    Portman Mews South/R Orcdars St or R Granville Plce
  163. Radison Blu Edwardian Sussex Hotel
    Granville Place In By Portman Mews South Only
  164. Gallery Hotel
    Queensberry Place
  165. Gainsborough Hotel
    Queensberry Place
  166. Queensberry Mews West
    Queensberry Place/Queens Gate
  167. 2 & 8 Club
    Berkeley Square/Mortons Club
  168. Family Records Centre
    Myddelton Street in and lve by Garnult Place L
  169. Roseman St To Old St
    Skiner St R St John St L Compton St R Goswell Rd
  170. Roseman St To Old St
    Pear Tree St R Central St L Mitchell St Helmet Rw l Old St
  171. Saint Micheal upon Cornhill
    Cornhil/Saint Micheal Alley
  172. Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage
    Collage Cresent
  173. City University Club
  174. Great Eastern Dining Rooms
    Great Eastern Street
  175. Glo Glo's
    Great Eastern Street
  176. Gillespie Park N5
    Gillespie Road
  177. Islington Ecology Centre
    Drayton Park
  178. Highbury Square
    Avenell Road/Highbury Hill
  179. Ascott Cabs
    Evelyn StreetLOr L Grinstead Rd
  180. Dockland Car Auctions
    Evelyn Street Lol R Grinstead rd
  181. Old Kent Rd Fire Staion Leave
    Cooper's rd R Mawbey Place R Mawbey Rd
  182. Faulkners Fish Restaurant TA
    R Middleton Rd L Glebe Rd L Ricmond Rd
  183. Rusholme Road
    Putney Heath Lane/Lytton Grove
  184. Royal Statistical Society
    Errol Street
  185. Camden Ambulance
    Cressy Road
  186. Pennard Road
    Uxbridge Road/Goldhawk Rd
  187. Tiger PH E9
    Wick Road
  188. Whitehall Park
    Hornsey Lane
  189. Acacia Rd To Marlborough Place
    F Grove end Rd R Waverley Plc R Finchley Plc
  190. Acacia Rd To Marlborough Place
    L Finchley Rd L Marlborough Place
  191. Camden Gardens
    Kentishtown Rd/Camden St
  192. Turnpike Lane TA
    Wood Green High L Coleraine Rd
  193. Turnpike Lane TA
    L Waldegrave Rd L Turnpike Ln R Green Ln
  194. Green Hut Cab Shelter SW7
    Kensington Road SW
  195. Cheyne Walk Brasserie
    Cheyne Walk
  196. Green Tea Shelter SW1
    Grosvenor Gardens
  197. Green Tea Hut Northumberland Ave
    Northumberland Avenue
  198. Trade Delegation of Russia
    Highgate West Hill
  199. The Pier Tea Hut
    Chelsea Embankment. After Albert Bridge
  200. Addington Square
    Camberwell Road
  201. Rust Square
    Addington Sq Kitson Rd New Church Rd
  202. Phoenix Wharf E1
    Wapping High Street
  203. Mercure London Greenwich
    Catherine Grove LOL/R L Devonshire Dr
  204. Odeon Holloway TA
    R Windsor Rd L Axminister Rd L Manor Gds
  205. Womens Library
    Old Castle Street
  206. Macaulay Road
    Lillieshall Rd/Clapham Common North Side
  207. Grange Rochester Hotel
    Vane Street
  208. Sycomore Gardens
    Goldhawk Rd/Benbow Rd
  209. Festing Rd
    Lower Richmond Rd/Embankment
  210. Paddington Recreation
    Grantully Road in Biddolph Rd out Ashworth Rd
  211. Cherry Pier TA
    LOR Bermondsey Wall East L Marrigold Street R Pottery St
  212. Cherry Pier TA
    L Wilson Grv R Janeway St L Scott Lidget Cre L Bevington St
  213. Runner Bar
  214. Fulham TA Centre
    Fulham High Street LOR L Gonville St LOR PBA
  215. Tayaabs Restaurant
    Fieldgate Street in by New Rd
  216. Amber Bar/Barrio Central
    Poland Street
  217. Chippenham PH
    Shirland RdKilburn PkRdLChippenham G L Malvern rd L Shirland Rd
  218. Susan Constant Court
    Newport Avenue LOR and L Newport Avenue
  219. Princess of Prussia PH
    Prescot St SDOL/LOL only next R St Mark St
  220. Otium Health Club
    Lever Street/Dingley Road
  221. Crowne Plaza Hotel Shoreditch
    Betnal Green Rd L Ebor St R Redchurch St L Chance St
  222. Crowne Plaza Hotel Shoreditch
    L Old Nichol St R Boundry St L Calvert Ave L SHT
  223. Ducky Club
    Kennington Lane/Vauxhall Tavern
  224. Vauxhall Tavern
    Kennington Lane
  225. Protocol Club
    South Lamberth Place in by Bond Way SDOR
  226. Ligth Box Club
    South Lamberth Place in by Bond Way SDOR
  227. Kuwait Health Office
    Devonshire Street
  228. Saudi Arabia Health Office
    Queen Ann St
  229. 2 AD Club
    Crutched Friars
  230. Lion Mills
    Hackney Road
  231. Cat & Mutton PH
    Broadway Market E8
  232. St Dunstan Collage SDOL TA
    Manwood Rd R Bankhurst Rd F Montacute Rd
  233. St Dunstan Collage SDOL TA
    L Blythhill R Faversham Rd L Stanstead Rd
  234. Bold Head Stag PH TA
    LOL High Rd East Finchley L Kitchener Rd L&L Bereseford Rd
  235. Deansway
    East End Rd/Bishops Avenue
  236. New Cross Station TA
    Douglas Way R Stanley St T Mornington Rd R New Cross Rd
  237. Putney Exchange TA
    L Monteserrat Rd R Oxford Rd R Werter Rd
  238. Knatchbull Road NW10
    Winchelsea Road/Craven Park
  239. Mile End Park Leisure Centre
    Burdett Road
  240. Hix Mayfair Restaurant
    Albermarle Street/Browns Hotel
  241. Browns Restaurant
    Saint Martins Lane
  242. Sainsbury N1 TA
    Livepool Rd L Batchelor St Cloudesley Rd Ritchie St
  243. Old Royal Free Place
    Liverpool Road
  244. Southwood Smith Centre
    Southwood Smith Street/Old Royal Free Place
  245. Pig and Buthcer PH
    Liverpool Road/Theburton Street
  246. Albion Gastro PH N1
    Thornhill Road
  247. Hugh Cubitt Centre
    Collier Street
  248. Barnard Park
    Barnsbury Road
  249. Journeys Hostel
    Caledonian Road
  250. Keystone Crescent
    Caledonian Road
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