CH 1 Intro to Paramedicine

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  1. Standards of right or honorable behavior
  2. Good manners; behavior between health professionals
  3. Specialty:
    Advanced airway management
    ventilator management
    fluidĀ & electrolyte therapy
    advanced pharmacology
    specialized monitoring
    operation of intraaortic balloon pumps
    other techniques usually found in an intensive care setting
    Critical care paramedic
  4. Specialty:
    Similar care as Critical care paramedics
    flight physiology
    aircraft operations
    flight safety
    similar area
    Helicopter EMS
  5. Specialty:
    Provide lifesaving care, sometimes in dangerous environments, until the patient can be safely evacuated to the general EMS system
    Tactical EMS
  6. Specialty:
    Provide care, in close contact with medical direction, at the scene without transport
    ex: treat simple lacerations or to change dressings or gastrostomy tubes
    Primary Care Paramedic
  7. Specialty:
    safety inspection
    accident prevention
    medical screening of employees
    vaccinations & immunizations
    Industrial Medicine Paramedic
  8. Specialty:
    Injury prevention
    Emergency medical care
    Laceration repairs
    Orthopedic injuries
    Sports Medicine Paramedic
  9. Specialty:
    Initial intake medical assessment
    oversee medical needs of population
    correctional operations
    Corrections Medicine Paramedic
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