Unidad 2, Etapa 3

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  1. hacer ejercicio
    to exercise
  2. ir al supermercado
    to go to the supermarket
  3. tener hambre
    to be hungry
  4. tener sed
    to be thirsty
  5. andar en bicicleta
    to ride a bike
  6. caminar con el perro
    to walk the dog
  7. cenar
    to have supper or dinner
  8. comer (chicharrones)
    to eat (pork rinds)
  9. cuidar a (el animal, mi hermano, el pájaro, el pez)
    to take care of (the animal, my brother, the bird, the fish)
  10. leer (la novela, el periódico, el poema, la poesía, la revista)
    to read (the novel, the newspaper, the poem, the poetry, the magazine)
  11. mandar una carta
    to send a letter
  12. pasar un rato con los amigos
    to spend time with friends
  13. pasear
    to go for a walk
  14. pintar
    to paint
  15. preparar (la cena, la comida)
    to prepare (the dinner, the food/meal)
  16. tocar (el piano, la guitarra)
    to play (the piano, the guitar)
  17. ver la televisión
    to watch television
  18. abrir
    to open
  19. aprender
    to learn
  20. beber
    to drink
  21. compartir
    to share
  22. comprender
    to understand
  23. recibir
    to recieve
  24. vender
    to sell
  25. ver
    to see
  26. vivir
    to live

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Unidad 2, Etapa 3
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