medical slang

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  1. booze, beverage, juice, sauce, brew, vino
  2. barbiturates - hypnotic (sedation)
    seeking anxiety reduction & euphoria
    • amytal,
    • barbs,
    • bluebirds,
    • blues,
    • butisol,
    • downers,
    • goofballs,
    • luminal,
    • 'ludes,
    • seconal,
    • nembutal,
    • tooties,
    • yellow jackets
  3. amphetamines - CNS stimulant

    effects sought: increased alertness & energy
    • bennies,
    • billy,
    • black beauties,
    • copilots,
    • crank,
    • crystal,
    • desoxyn,
    • dexedrine,
    • dexies,
    • eye openers,
    • lid poppers,
    • meth,
    • pep pills,
    • Rx diet pills,
    • speed,
    • ups
    • uppers
    • wake-ups,
    • whizz
  4. butyl nitrite

    • liquid intense,
    • room deodorizer,
    • rush,
    • locker room,
    • poppers
  5. Cocaine

    stimulation, excitation, euphoria
    • Blow,
    • C,
    • charlie,
    • coke,
    • devil's dandruff,
    • pearl flake,
    • peruvian marching powder, rock, snow, stardust, toot
  6. cocaine free base

    more intense than cocaine
    base, crack, free-base, french fries (3 inch sticks), readyrock, rock
  7. codeine

    ease pain & coughing

  8. caffeine

    CNS stimulant
    cafe, cafergot, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, cola drinks, cold/cough medications, espresso, guarana, guaranine, natural stimulant, tea, pep pill, yerba mate
  9. flunitrazepam

    strong sedative
    • rohypnol,
    • sexual assault drug,
    • roach, roche,
    • roofies,
    • run-trip-and-fall, R-2,
    • mexican¬† valium,
    • ropynol,
    • rib,
    • rope
  10. y-Hydroxybutyrate

    CNS depressant

    deep sedation
    GHB, sexual assault drug, date rape drug, grievous bodily harm, easy lay, gook, gamma 10, liquid X, liquid E, Liquid G, georgia home boy, soap, scoop, salty water, somatomax, GG-riffick, cherry meth, fantasy, organic quaalude, nature's quaalude, zonked
  11. Heroin

    black tar, china white, dust, H, horse, J junk, Mexican mud, scag, smack
  12. Inhalants

    solvents, aerosols, nitrites (poppers), nitrous oxide, glue, transmission fluid, typewriter correction fluid, sniff
  13. Ketamine

    Euphoria (dream-like hallucinations)
    Special K, K, vitamin K, cat valiums, ket
  14. LSD

    insight, distortion of senses, exhilaration, mystical/religious experience
    Acid, LSD-25, blotter acid, blotters, dots, windowpane, microdots, trips, labs
  15. Marijuana (cannabis)

    CNS depressent
    • acapulco gold, ace, ghang, cannabis stiva, Columbian,
    • Consentrated resin-hash, dope, ganja, grass, weed, hashish, hashish oil, hemp, home-grown, honey oil, Indian, indica, Jamaican, jive, joint, maryjane, maui-wowie, Mexican, Panama red, Panama goild, pot, ragweed, reefer, roach, sativa, sinse, sinsemilla, tea, thaisticks, weed oil
    love drug, ecstacy, XTC, adam, E, doves, disco biscuits, echoes, hug drug, eccies, burgers, fantasy
  17. Meperidine

  18. Mescaline (Peyote Cactus)

    milder than LSD
    Mesc, peyote, peyote buttons
  19. Methadone
  20. Methaqualone

    sedation medically

    euphoria, aphrodisiac
    ludes, 714's, spoor
  21. Morphine
    white stuff, M, morf
  22. nitrous oxide
    laughing gas, gas, whippitts, nitrous, blue bottle
  23. Oxygodone
  24. Phencyclidine (PCP)

    distortion of senses
    angel dust, crystal, hog, horse tranquilizer, peace pill, tea, tic, THC, zoot
  25. Psilocybin
    magic mushrooms, shrooms
  26. synthetic narcotics (analogs)
    china white, synthetic heroin, MPTP, MPPP, PEPAP
  27. Tobacco - relaxation
    cigs, smokes, butts, cancer sticks
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