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  1. What physical occrances are seen in peolpe in REM?
    • Eye movement
    • finger and tow movement
  2. What stage of sleep is associated with finger and toe movement?
  3. What sleep stage has a loss of major muscle movement?
  4. Is REM sleep continuous throughout the night?
    No in cycles
  5. What happens to the duration of REM sleep as you go through the night?
    Longer durations
  6. At what period do REM durations increase?
    Loner , the longer you have been asleep
  7. What happens if you eliminate REM sleep one night?
    You will have longer REM periods the next night to compensate
  8. What happens to the heart rate and respiration rate during REM?
    They increase
  9. The heart rate and respiration rate during what sleep period?
  10. During what stage of sleep do postural muscle relax?
  11. What is the primary brain area that conrols circadian rhythms?
    Suprachiasmic nuclei
  12. What is the function of the Suprachiasmic nuclei?
    regulation of circadian rhythms
  13. Where is the Suprachiasmatic nuclei located?
    Near the hypothalamus
  14. Why is important that the Suprachiasmatic nuclei is near the hypothalamus?
    So that it can carry out temperature regulation activities
  15. What is the preoptic area of the brain important for?
    • Regulation of homeostasis during the sleep cycle
    • regulates the same amount of sleep from night to night
  16. Where is the Reticular activating system located?
    In the midbrain
  17. What is teh Locus Coerulus adjacent to?
    The Reticular activating system in the mid-brain
  18. What is the purpose of the Locus coerulus?
    Important in maintenace of sleep
  19. What area of the brain is important in maintenance of sleep?
    The Locus Coerulus
  20. What does the pineal gland secrete?
  21. Where is melatonin made?
    Pineal gland
  22. What type of sleep pattern is expected of large mammals that are not preditors?
    limited dispersed sleep while standing
  23. What animal can sleep with half their brain?
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