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  1. What controls the hormonal regulation of sleep?
    The pineal gland
  2. What hormone regulates sleep?
  3. What is a coma?
    • State of unconsciousness for >6 hours
    • Cannot be woken
    • No response to light, sound or pain stimuli
  4. Neck muscle movements decrease during what sleep stage?
  5. What criteria are there for brain death?
    • Coma is not associated with: hypothermia, electrolyte , pH or endocrine disorder, not drug problems
    • Must have known damage to brain or irreversible systemic metabolic disease
    • Cerebral and brainstem function is absent
  6. What are criteria are there for absence of cerebral and brainstem function?
    • No pain response
    • Pupils do not respond to light
    • No eye movement with tough
    • Apnea for 8 minutes w/o ventilation
    • Circulation may be intact
    • Purely spinal reflexes may be retained
    • Neurological exam after 6 hours
  7. What are supplementary criteria for brain death?
    • Flat EEG for 30 minutes (amp <2 uV)
    • Responses absent in vital brain structures
    • Greatly reduced cerebral brain circulation
  8. if C02 is over 60 mmHg, what can be confirmed?
    Brain death

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BIOL 404-Exam 4-CNS 6
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BIOL 404 Exam CNS

BIOL 404-Exam 4-CNS 6
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