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  1. an altar attendant
  2. in the Islam faith, the name of God
  3. an elevated place or structure on which sacrifices are offered or at which religious rites are performed; in the Christian faith, a table on which the Eucharist or Holy Communion is offered.
  4. In the Roman Catholic faith, the head of an archdiocese
  5. Hebrew word meaning container; a casket made entirely of wood, containing no metal parts.
  6. leader of multiple churches in a particular denomination; in the Roman Catholic faith, the head of a diocese; in the LDS (Mormon) church, Bishop of the ward is leader of a single church.
  7. In the Roman Catholic faith, a man who is a member of a religious order without being ordained or while preparing for ordination.
  8. A religious singer who assist the clergy; assists the Rabbi in the Jewish faith; assist the Priest in the Eastern Orthodox faith.
  9. in the Roman Catholic faith, a dignity conferred upon Bishops making them Princes of the Church.
  10. The officiant who celebrates the Mass in the Roman Catholic Church.
  11. The portion of the church surrounding the altar, usually enclosing the clergy; area behind the altar or communion rail.
  12. a person chosen to conduct religious exercises for the military, the chapel of an institution or a fraternal organization.
  13. a letter or form from a priest stating the eligibility of the deceased for burial in a Roman Catholic Cemetery; a.k.a. Priest(ly) Lines.
    • Christian Burial Certificate
    • (Christian Burial Permit)
  14. a religious emblem consisting of two plain bars that intersect at right angles to each other.
  15. One who carries the crucifix/cross during an ecclesiastical procession.
    • Crucifer
    • (Crossbearer)
  16. A cross with a figure or image representing the body of Christ (Corpus) on it.
  17. a subordinate officer in a Christian church.
  18. In the Roman Catholic faith, a geographical grouping of Parishes under the jurisdiction of a Bishop.
  19. liturgical celebration of the Eucharist in Eastern Orthodox churches.
    Divine Liturgy
  20. pertaining to the church or clergy.
  21. the consecrated elements of Holy Communion
  22. layperson sanctioned to administer holy communion and other assigned tasks.
    Eucharistic Minister
  23. in the Roman Catholic faith, the ending portion of the Funeral Mass.
    Final Commendation
  24. the name of the funeral service in the Roman Catholic Church.
    • Funeral Liturgy
    • (Funeral Mass)
  25. the procession of vehicles from the place of the funeral to the place of disposition.
    • Funeral Procession
    • (Cortege is the archaic term)
  26. The first two and last two verses of a Buddhist hymn sung at the funeral service.
  27. the act of bending the knee as an indication of reverence or as an act of humility.
  28. in the Jewish faith, a eulogy or true evaluation of the deceased's life that is a part of the funeral service.
  29. Water blessed by a priest
    Holy Water
  30. In the Eastern Orthodox faith, a holy picture; usually mosaic or painted on wood.
  31. in the Eastern Orthodox Church, the partition that extends across the front of the church separating the sanctuary from the solea.
    • Iconostasis
    • (Iconostas, Iconostation)
  32. the first three letters in the Greek word for Jesus
  33. in the Islamic faith, the leader of the local congregation
  34. an abbreviation for the Latin term meaning "Jesus of Nazareth, King of Jews."
  35. in the Islamic faith, the funeral or funeral prayer.
  36. in the Jewish faith, a prayer recited for the deceased by the direct mourners (parents,
    siblings, spouse, and children) for the first time at the conclusion of interment service. It is subsequently recited by children for parents at every service for eleven months. All other categories of mourners have the obligation to say the Kaddish for 30 days.
  37. in the Jewish faith, the grave
  38. in the Jewish faith, the burial.
  39. The appropriate term for the worship facility for the Jehovah's Witnesses.
    Kingdom Hall
  40. a holy book of the Islamic faith, revealed to Mohammed by the angel Gabriel.
    • Koran
    • (Quran)
  41. Hebrew word meaning rending or tearing; a symbol of grief; a tear in the upper corner of the garment or a tear on a symbolic ribbon which is worn by the survivors.
  42. in the Jewish faith, the funeral procession.
  43. Traditionally, in the Buddhist faith, a bedside prayer which may now be performed by the bonze just before funeral arrangements are made.
  44. the liturgical celebration of the Eucharist in the Roman Catholic Church.
  45. a document indicating the offering of a Mass for a specific intention.
    • Mass Card
    • (Spiritual Bouquet)
  46. in the Jewish faith, a candelabrum with a central stem bearing seven candles; it is the oldest symbol in Judaism.
  47. in the Jewish faith, a hexagram formed by the combination of two triangles. May be called the Jewish Star. It symbolizes a new hope for the Jewish people.
    • Mogen David
    • (Jewish Star; Star of David)
  48. a prophet of the Islamic religion born 571 C.E.; considered by Muslims to be God's messenger, but not worshiped or considered to be divine.
    • Mohammed
    • (Muhammad)
  49. an honorary title conferred upon a priest.
  50. The name given to a member of the Islamic faith.
    • Muslim
    • (Moslem)
  51. the local church building; contains no icons, statues, symbols, pews, chairs, or musical instruments.
    • Mosque
    • (Masjid)
  52. the entry way into the funeral home or church.
    • Narthex
    • (Lobby, Vestibule, Foyer)
  53. the seating or auditorium section of a church.
  54. the Buddhist idea of heavenly peace or Pure Land
  55. a form or order of worship which has the scripture as its centralĀ  element; the actual form or order of the worship service is left to the
    discretion of each individual church and/or minister.
    • Non-Luturgical Worship
    • (Scripture - Centered Worship)
  56. funeral rites or burial ceremonies
  57. one who conducts a religious service or ceremony.
  58. vigil service associated with Eastern Orthodox funerals.
    • Parastas
    • (Great Panachida)
  59. in the Roman Catholic faith, a candle placed near the casket during the Funeral Mass that signifies the everlasting light of Christ.
    Paschal Candle
  60. One having spiritual care over a number of people
  61. the head of the Roman Catholic Church and the Bishop of Rome
  62. A card with the name of the decedent and a prayer or verse, which may or may not include the dates of birth and death.
    Prayer Card
  63. a kneeling rail
    • Prie Dieu
    • (Prayer Rail, Kneeler)
  64. A title conferred by ordination
  65. the movement, in an orderly fashion, at the beginning of a service.
    • Procession
    • (Processional)
  66. a teacher or ordained leader in the Jewish faith.
  67. in the Church of Christ, Scientist, on authorized to read the lessons and scripture.
  68. Beads and a crucifix used as an aid in the recitation of prayers.
    Rosary Beads
  69. prayer recited in order at a Rosary or Vigil Service.
    Rosary Prayers
  70. doors in the center of the Iconostasis leading directly to the altar. Only ordained clergy are to go through these doors; never cross on the solea in front of the Royal Doors.
    Royal Doors
  71. in liturgical churches, stated directions in a prayer book or liturgical manual regarding the order of service as approved by the denomination.
  72. in the Roman Catholic faith, a sacrament given to those seriously ill or in danger of death to prepare their souls for eternity.
    Sacrament of the Sick
  73. in the Roman Catholic faith, a religious picture of Jesus Christ showing his radiant heart.
    Sacred Heart
  74. The part of the church about the altar, inside the chancel; (this term may also be used to describe the area of the church where people sit for the services).
  75. in the Roman Catholic faith, a piece of cloth or a medal having religious significance usually worn around the neck.
  76. the Jewish Sabbath; Christi begins at sundown Friday and ends at sundown Saturday.
  77. in the Jewish faith, a seven-day mourning period.
  78. meaning 30 in the Jewish faith; the 30-day mourning period.
  79. In the Jewish faith, a watcher; one who sits with the body until burial.
  80. A cloth or garment in which a dead person is wrapped or dressed for burial.
  81. a symbolic sign of the Cross; made with the right hand.
    Sign of the Cross
  82. in the Roman Catholic faith, a woman who is a member of a religious order, especially one bound by vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.
    • Sister
    • (Nun)
  83. in the Eastern Orthodox church the open area (sometimes raised) before the altar.
  84. in the Jewish faith, the ceremony of washing the deceased before the burial; serves as a ritual purification or cleansing of the body and should be performed by the Chevra Kaddisha.
  85. A prayer shawl worn by men during the Morning Prayer service in the Jewish faith.
  86. in the Jewish faith, prayers said before the funeral by a group of friends and the shomer. These prayers come from the book of Psalms.
  87. ceremonial instructions of the Mormon Church, given only within a Temple to worthy members of the sect.
    Temple Ordinances
  88. Wings of the main part of the church which may serve as small chapels for baptism, weddings, and even small funeral services.
  89. In the Eastern Orthodox faith, three short services or blessings that are part of the funeral rite.
  90. ritual garments worn by the clergy
  91. in the Roman Catholic faith, a set of two candles that may be placed one at the head and one at the foot of the casket during the visitation period.
    Vigil Lights
  92. historically a watch kept over the deceased; an all-night vigil.
  93. in the Jewish faith, the anniversary of the death.
  94. in the Jewish faith, the skullcap worn by the men at temple services and funeral services.
    • Yarmulke
    • (Kippah)
  95. in the Jewish faith, a memorial service recited four times a year.
  96. How is the flag placed at a military service?
    Stars over left shoulder
  97. How many individuals are required for a full Military/American Legion service?
  98. Should the clergy be consulted if the family wishes an open casket?
  99. When may the Orthodox Jewish service be held?
    NOT on the Sabbath
  100. Who is the founder of the Church of Christ Scientist?
    Mary Baker Eddy
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