Ch. 11 Los verbos

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  1. aboardar
    to board
  2. acabar de (+ infinitive)
    to have just done (something)
  3. avisar
    to advise; to warn
  4. broncearse
    to get a tan
  5. caerse
    to fall down
  6. cambiar dólares por
    to exchange dollars for
  7. chocar (con)
    to crash, run into (something)
  8. disfrutar
    to enjoy
  9. estar de visita
    to be staying
  10. facturar el equipaje
    to check baggage
  11. gastar gasolina
    to use (waste) gasoline
  12. hacer clic en
    to "click" on
  13. hacer cola
    to stand in line
  14. hacer las maletas
    to pack
  15. olvidar
    to forget
  16. revisar
    to check
  17. sacar el pasaporte
    to get a passpoart
  18. salir de cacaciones
    to go on vacation
  19. sugerir (ie)
    to suggest
  20. conseguir
    to get, obtain
  21. tener la cupla
    to be at fault
  22. admirar
    to admire
  23. anunciar
    to announce
  24. consistir (en)
    to consist of
  25. mantener
    to maintain
  26. mencionar
    to mention
  27. organizar
    to organize
  28. planear
    to plan
  29. estacionar el carro
    to park the car
  30. hospedarse
    to lodge
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