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    • What 4 countries claimed the Oregon country?
    • Us, Russia, Spain, and Britain
  1. What did they discuss in the Adams Onis treaty?
    Spain gave up claim for Oregon country and set their Northern California border. Russia surrender the claim in 1824. The British worked with Adams in 1818 on a joint occupation, people from both us and Britain can settle there, so Adams in 1825 said to divide at 49th parrell, but British wanted more land.
  2. Who were the mountain men?
    1st Americans to settle the Oregon country as fur traders, adopted native American ways, had native American wives, founded routes through mountains by roaming for beavers, and became farmers and guides for settlers going West after the beavers died of f.
  3. What was the point of the Whitman mission? What happen to set the native Americans off? When was the mission?
    To bring Christiany to them, but they bought diseases killing the children, setting the native Americans off. 1830s
  4. Pioneers were called __________________, from the us and went to Oregon.
  5. Pioneers used __________________________, or canvas-covered wagons used to stuff their stuff in.
    Prairie schooners
  6. Who proposed the idea of manifest destiny? What is that?
    John O' Sullivan declared it was America's destiny to overspread and posses the whole continent.
  7. What were the 2 candidates in the 1844 election? What were their beliefs on the ownership of the Oregon country?
    • John k. Polk (Democratic) - wanted sole ownership of Oregon country
    • Henry Clay (wig) - had a weak positions on Oregon issue.
  8. What was the final boundary seperating the us and British? When was this boundary decided?
    49*N 1846
  9. Most residents of Texas were _____________________, Mexicans who claimed Texas as their home
  10. What did the Spanish offer to promote the growth of Texas.
    Offered vast tracts of land
  11. What are empresarios? Who was the 1st land grant. 2nd.?
    People Who obtain these grants from the government and recruited the settlers Moses Austin - 1st., Stephen f. Austin - 2 nd : 1st setterlers called the old three hundred
  12. What did Mexico's colonization laws offer.
    Land at low prices if the colonists learned Spanish, converted to Catholicism and obeyed Mexican law
  13. What major thing happened in the 1830s. What did Mexico do about it
    Americans outnumbered the Mexicans so Mexicans issued a decree to stop immigration from us to have more Mexicans.
  14. Who becomes the dictator of Mexico in 1835
    Santa anna
  15. What was the 1st battle of the texan revolution. How did the texans get troop.
    Town of Gonzales offered free land to those who fought.
  16. When does Texas declare their independence from Mexico? What does Texas become. ? Who recognized the independence?
    March 2, 1836, Republic of Texas, Sam Houstan
  17. In what battle does Santa Anna recognize Texas independence.
    The battle of San jacinto
  18. Why didn't Jackson want to annex Texas
    Another slave state would upset the balance of slaves and free States.
  19. Why does James Polk win the election of 1844
    Because supported annexation of Texas and gaining the control of Oregon from Britain
  20. When does Texas become a state
    In 1845
  21. Who founded the Santa Fe trail? When was it in use by others?
    William Becknell used until the railroad came in 1880
  22. Spanish explorers and missionaries developed missions. By 1820 how many missions did they have?
    21 missions
  23. When did California become a state?
    After Mexico gained their independence from Spain in 1821
  24. In 1833 the Mexican government passed a law abolishing the missions, so the government sold the lands to who?
    Rancheros, or Ranchos owners. Ranchos ate huge properties. They got the Native Americans to work for them.
  25. By when had Americans started to settle heavy in California? What did they considered as they noticed they liked California?
    1845 considered adding California to the the nation because wanted to build ports on Pacific, and be safely bordered by sea.
  26. Why did James Polk want California and new Mexico? What did he do when Mexico refused to give it to them?
    Have clear passage to Pacific Ocean and most importantly manifest destiny. Provoked the Mexicans to take military action war, so that Polk could tell the Congress and they could go to war.
  27. Describe the dispute of the Texas-Mexico border?
    US thought boundary was at Rio Grande and Mexico claimed it was along the Nueces river. Polk sent John Slidell to offer 30 million dollars if Mexico accepts the to grande border. Also the US will pay Mexican debts owed to American citizens.
  28. What does Polk do after Mexico refuses the deal?
    Polk and sends Zachary Taylor to build a Fort between the boundaries. The Mexicans a attack them back, leading Taylort to him going the Congress
  29. What two parties were came to be after the divisions of the Americans over war with Mexico?
    Whigs-thought the war was going to be too aggressive, Democrats-supported the war.
  30. What was Abrahams Lincoln view of the war
    Claim that the spot was in Mexico and that Polk therfore had no grounds for blaming the war on Mexico
  31. what was Frederick Douglass view on the war?
    Belief that if the US expand it into the west the southern state will carry slavery into the new territory
  32. What was president Polk's plan for war with Mexico?
    American troops wood drive Mexican forces out of the disputed border region in Texas and make the border secure first second US would seize New Mexico and California, finally American forces would take Mexico City the capital of Mexico
  33. What were the terms of the peace treaty called Guadeloupe hidalgo ?
    Mexico gave up all claims to Texas in and agreed to the Rio Grande as the border between Texas and Mexico
  34. What was the California gold rush?
    When James Marshall found gold in 1848 and in 1849 people, called forty niners, arrived looking for gold. The 40 9ers included Americans, Europeans, Australians, and Chinese.
  35. Describe the life in California?
    People built boomtowns, New communities,. Few made lasting wealth, merchants made huge prophets.
  36. Who discovered Levi denim jeans?
    Levi Strauss
  37. How did many Californios lose their land?
    Became us citizens and had to prove ownership of their land.
  38. What was it like in the gold rush societies?
    Lonely men that drunk, gambled, fought. Also it was no police, leading to people to form vigilantes, or people who took the law into their own hands to protect themselves.
  39. When did California apply for Statehood? Why didn't the US say yes?
    1850 because California banned slavery adding them as a state would ruin the balance of slaves and free States.
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