GIS test 3

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  1. What is geographic information and what happens to it over time?
    • Perspective: may view GI as a commodity
    • Problem: does not wear out due to use, but it diminishes over time
  2. Geoslavery
    Being tracked by your phone
  3. Phases for a sustainable GIS (major life-cycle phases)
    • Business Planning - Strategic analysis and requirements gathering
    • System Acquisition - Choosing and purchasing a system
    • System Implementation - Assembling all the various components and creating a functional solution
    • Operation and Maintenance - Keeping a system running
  4. Five Staff roles for medium to large size GIS project
    • Management
    • Team Member
    • User of information
    • Consultant
    • Trainer
  5. SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure)
    • social networks of people and organizations, in which technology and data play a supportive role. 
    • -Technology is cheap
    • -Data are expensive
    • Social relations are invaluable
  6. Example of SDI
    • Booey, different countries share spatial information.
    • GeoStor
    • geonova
    • geonorge
    • etc.
  7. Critics and SDI
    • -critics not focusing on governance matters
    • -Only using qualitative measures for success
  8. FGDC
    • Federal Geographic Data Committee
    • -Interagency committee that promotes the coordinated development, use, sharing, and dissemination of geospatial data on a national basis

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