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    Same side wrist grab

    Thumb up, elbow on hip, thrust hip toward face, turn wrist pull out of grab, RH reverse one arm strike to neck, LH center punch.
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    Same side wrist grab

    LH ulnar strike to radial nerve, spin right, re-enforced elbow strike to solar plexus.
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    Cross hand wrist grab

    Out then in, trap fingers, rotate to wrist bar, step forward left foot to groin.
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    Cross hand wrist grab

    Clasp wrist, pull w/simultaneous LH reverse one arm strike to throat, left arm under for arm bar.
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    Two hand wrist grab

    In then out, step forward palm heel to nose while left hand pushes pressure point in lumbar.
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    Two hand wrist grab

    Grab RH with both hands, step forward, turn right, bring to ground, and lock arm in.
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    Both wrists grabbed from front

    Grab both wrists, step forward with right knee to kidneys.
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    Both wrists grabbed from front

    Up with hands together palms facing up, down, around grabbing thumbs, spread out with double wrist lock, knee to face
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    Both wrists grabbed from behind

    Spread arms, turn right, grab wrists, step forward while forming left arm bar, flip.
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