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  1. What identifies a PC on a network?
    IP address
  2. How many host nodes are supported on a single Class C network?
  3. Which
    of the following utilities enables a machine to check whether or not it can
    communicate with another machine?
  4. What is the default subnet mask for Class C addresses?
  5. At what layer of the OSI model does the IP protocol handle IP
  6. Which device is used to perform a loopback test on a NIC?
    Loopback plug
  7. Which operating systems install both IPv4 and IPv6 by default?
    • Windows Vista
    • and Windows 7
  8. What type of topologies are star ring and star bus considered?
  9. How many bits make up a complete MAC address?
  10. Which Ethernet technology supports speeds up to 1 Gbps?
  11. What kind of cable is most commonly used in 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet
    star bus topology networks?
  12. What central connection box is used in Ethernet star bus networks?
  13. Which of the following provides data speeds up to 1 Gbps?
    CAT 5e
  14. Which type of cable is shielded to protect from EMI?
  15. Of the following, which standard uses UTP cabling?
  16. What are the two TIA/EIA standards for connecting RJ-45 connectors to
    the UTP cable?
    568A and 568B
  17. What do most fiber Ethernet networks use?
    62.5/125 multimode cable
  18. Which is not a fiber connector?
  19. What is used to map IP addresses to corresponding domain names?
  20. What should you enter at a command prompt to see all of your TCP/IP
  21. What is the standard connector used for UTP Ethernet
  22. What type of cable can be used to connect two systems together without
    using a hub or switch?
  23. What is the default subnet mask for Class A addresses?
  24. A(n) ____________________ protocol defines everything necessary to get
    data from one computer to another.
  25. Every network interface card (NIC) has a built-in identifier called the
    ____________________ address.
    • Media Access
    • Control
  26. Modern domain-based networks use a(n) ____________________ to store
    user and computer account information.
    directory service
  27. In a TCP/IP network, the ____________________ combines with the IP address to
    determine the subnet
    subnet mask
  28. In a domain-based network environment, one or more dedicated servers
    called ____________________ hold the security database for all systems.
    domain controllers
  29. The three organizational groups for network operating systems (NOSs)
    are client/server, peer-to-peer, and ____________________.
    domain based
  30. NIC LEDs, also known as ____________________ give you clues about
    what's happening with your network connection.
    link lights
  31. By default, the TCP/IP protocol is configured to receive an IP address
    automatically from a(n) ____________________ server on the network.
    Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  32. When you set the IP address manually, the IP address will not change
    and is called a _____
    static IP address
  33. Networks based on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 don't use WINS; they use an improved DNS called
    dynamic DNS
  34. ____________________ enables NetBIOS network names such as SERVER1 to
    correlate to IP addresses.
    Windows Internet Name Service
  35. DNS names that end with .com, .edu, .org, .net, or .uk are called ____________________.
    top-level domains
  36. The ____________________ provides a common point for connection for network devices.
    hub or switch
  37. Ethernet networks commonly connect via a cable called ____________________.
    unshielded twisted pair
  38. My Network Places in Windows 2000/XP is called ____________________ in Windows Vista/7.
  39. The most famous TCP/IP service is called ____________________, the language of the World Wide Web.
  40. Common TCP/IP session types use destination port numbers ranging from __ to __
    0, 1023
  41. The IPv4 loop back address is _____
  42. The IP address 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334 is an example of a/an __________ address.
  43. Part of an IP address identifies the network, and part identifies the ______ address on the network.
  44. The Internet uses the ____ protocol.
  45. On a network, data moves from one PC to another in discrete chunks called ____.
  46. To have network connectivity, you need a ___, ____, and _____
    NIC, Protocol, Network client
  47. Machines that connect LANs together are called _____
  48. To change your computer description, workgroup, or domain in Windows
    Vista, go to the Computer Name tab in ____
    System Properties
  49. Directory Services and dedicated controllers are used in a(n) __-based network.
  50. A(n) ____ network enables any or all machines on a network to act as a server.
    peer to peer
  51. You are setting up a broadband
    connection for your home computer. A UTP cable is used to connect to the cable
    modem. What does the other end of the UTP cable connect to?
    Network interface card (NIC)
  52. What is the router to which you connect
    at the ISP called?
    Default gateway
  53. The Integrated Services Digital Network
    (ISDN) sends telephone transmissions across what type of lines?
  54. What kind of cable does broadband cable
    use to provide high-speed Internet access?
    Regular cable TV cables
  55. What port numbers are used by FTP?
    20 and 21
  56. What component in the computer converts
    individual serial bits of data into 8-bit parallel data that the PC can understand?
    Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART)
  57. The Internet consists of millions of
    computers all over the world interwoven together through long-distance,
    high-speed, fiber-optic networks. What are these called?
  58. Tier 1 and Tier2 providers lease their
    Internet connections to ____.
    Internet service providers (ISPs)
  59. What tool enables multiple computers to
    use the Internet connection provided by one computer on the network?
    Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
  60. What service provides the structure for
    the World Wide Web?
    Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
  61. Which of the following transfers data
    via analog signals?
    Telephone wire
  62. Dial-up links to the Internet use PPP.
    What is PPP?
    A protocol
  63. The Internet was designed to survive
    failures. What model does it use to achieve this?
  64. How many lines does the Basic Rate
    Interface (BRI) setup use?
  65. What is the unit of measurement, also
    known as one cycle per second, that expresses the speed of phone lines?
  66. Broadband cable typically offers speeds
    of 1-10 Mbps for upload. What is the typical speed for download?
    6-50+ Mbps
  67. What port number is used by HTTPS?
  68. Almost all ____ modems connect to a PCI
    or PCI Express expansion bus slot inside the PC.
  69. What device converts analog signals to
    digital and vice versa, enabling computers to talk to each other via standard
    commercial telephone lines?
  70. What type of signal does a computer use
    to communicate?
  71. Flow control or hardware handshaking
    uses two signals. One signal, ____________________, is used to indicate when a
    computer wants to send data. The other signal, ___________________, is used to
    indicate when the receiving computer is ready to receive the data.
    ready to send, clear to send
  72. Almost all ____________________ modems
    connect to a PCI or PCI Express expansion bus slot inside the PC.
  73. External modems can convert __
    signals to digital and vice versa.
  74. Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
    enables one system to share its Internet connection with other systems on the
  75. Satellite connections to the Internet
    get the data beamed to a/an ____ on a house or an office.
    satellite dish
  76. V standards are international standards
    for ____________________ technology.
  77. ISDN service consists of
    _____ channels and ____ channels.
    Bearer (B), Delta (D)
  78. Internet backbones span the major cities
    of the Earth and interconnect at special locations called
    Network access points
  79. Dial-up links to the Internet have their
    own hardware protocol called ____________________.
    Point to Point Protocol
  80. Both DSL and cable modem Internet
    connections can be used by two or more computers if they are part of a(n)
    local area network
  81. Which of the following is not considered grayware?
  82. What word describes the process of cleaning up after a virus infection?
  83. Physical security, authentication, the file system, users and groups,
    and security policies combine to make what?
    Access control
  84. How does a computer determine who can or should access it?
  85. A user has a credit card-sized card used to prove her identity with a PIN. What is this card called?
    Smart card
  86. What could a computer use to determine a user's identity with the most authority?
    Biometric device
  87. Sally is a member of multiple groups. A file has been granted different permissions to the different groups. What is Sally's effective permission?
    Combined permissions of all groups
  88. To lock down security settings on a single computer in a workgroup, what would you use?
    Local Security Settings
  89. To lock down security settings on a single computer in a domain, what would you use?
    Group Policy
  90. What is a piece of malicious software that gets passed from computer to computer by attaching itself to a program?
  91. What is a software program that looks like one thing (such as a utility or a game) but is actually doing something else (such as modifying CMOS
  92. What is a complete program that travels from machine to machine through computer networks and has the capability to cause malicious problems?
  93. Together, what are viruses, Trojans, and worms called?
  94. Antivirus programs can passively monitor your computer's activity. In
    this mode, what are they called?
    Virus shields
  95. To make sure antivirus programs are as useful as possible, what should be updated regularly?
  96. What type of virus attempts to change its signature to prevent detection by antivirus programs?
  97. What type of program runs in the background on your PC, sending information about your browsing habits to the company that installed it on your
  98. What type of program isn't destructive by itself but leaches bandwidth in networks?
  99. Access control is the process of implementing methods to ensure unauthorized users can't access your system. Two primary methods are physical security and ____________________.
  100. Windows XP and later come with an excellent software firewall, called the _______
    Windows Firewall
  101. A(n) ____________________ is a device or software (or combination of both) used to protect an internal network from unauthorized access from the Internet.
  102. Surprise browser windows that appear automatically when you visit a Web site are
  103. Unsolicited e-mail is more commonly known as ____________________.
  104. The list of viruses your antivirus program can recognize is called the _____ file.
  105. The scrambling code used to attempt to modify a(n) __ virus to prevent detection is actually used as the signature to detect the
  106. Boot sector viruses that use various methods to hide from antivirus software are known as ____ viruses.
  107. To detect executable viruses, an antivirus program uses a library of _______
  108. A complete program that travels from machine to machine through computer networks and can cause so much activity that it can overload a network is a(n) ____.
  109. A program that looks useful, such as a game or a utility, but is actually maliciously doing something else to the system is known as a/n
  110. Malicious software is also known as ____________________.
  111. The tool used to apply policy settings to multiple computers in an Active Directory domain is
    Group Policy
  112. The tool used to set local policies on an individual system is
    Local Security Settings
  113. Sally is member of the Sales group and the Marketing group. The Marketing group has Full Control permission to a folder named NewProducts, and the Sales group has Read permission to the same folder. Sally's permission to the folder is ____________________?
    Full Control
  114. A device that can prove who you are based on your fingerprint is known as a(n) ______ device.
  115. What is another name for the Service Set
    Identifier parameter?
    Network name
  116. Most WAPs support filtering in which
    data packets that do not contain the appropriate address are rejected. What
    kind of address is filtered?
  117. Which of the following provides a
    security improvement in WPA addresses over WEP?
  118. Which of the following wireless
    networking standards supports data throughput of up to 11 Mbps?
  119. What is the theoretical maximum range of
    the 802.11a wireless networking standard?
    150 feet
  120. At what frequency range does the
    802.11a-based wireless technology operate?
    5 GHz
  121. At what frequency range do the 802.11b-
    and 802.11g-based wireless technologies operate?
    2.4 GHz
  122. What is the speed at which the 802.11g
    wireless technology transfers data?
    54 Mbps
  123. What is the central connection point for
    a wireless network working in infrastructure mode?
  124. What is the maximum capacity for data
    transfer between infrared devices?
    4 Mbps
  125. Which of the following represents a
    security improvement in WPA2 over WEP and WPA?
  126. How many bits does WEP encryption use to
    scramble data packets?
  127. What device centrally connects wireless
    network nodes in the same way that a hub or switch connects wired Ethernet
    Wireless access point
  128. What method do wireless networks use to
    determine if other nodes are currently broadcasting?
  129. What 802.11n feature increases its range
    and speed?
  130. What frequencies does 802.11n use?
    2.4 and 5 GHz
  131. What wireless technology is often used
    to connect headsets to smartphones?
  132. What is a very small wireless network
    preconfigured to do a specific job called?
  133. What is the maximum distance of a Class
    3 Bluetooth device?
    1 meter
  134. What enables you to connect to the
    Internet through a PDA, cell phone, or smartphone?
    Cellular wireless network
  135. What type of wireless network can
    quickly be used to share files, folders, and printers without a WAP?
    Ad hoc
  136. Today, which of the following is not
    considered a good security practice when setting up a WAP?
    Enable WEP encryption
  137. What allows you to specifically allow or
    deny access to a WAP?
    MAC filtering
  138. A service area that is extended by
    adding WAPs is called a/an _____________.
    Extended Basic Service Set
  139. Changing the default___ for a WAP is the first step in setting up a new wireless
  140. You should place a WAP with an
    omnidirectional antenna in the __ of an area where you want wireless coverage.
    center or middle
  141. With ____________________ 802.11n WAPs,
    you can choose which band to put 802.11n traffic on,
    dual band
  142. Almost all wireless headsets are now
  143. You can easily add wireless Ethernet and
    Bluetooth capabilities using ___________________ adapters.
    USB, PCI, PCIe, or PC Card
  144. A(n) ____________________ enables you to
    connect to the Internet through a network-aware PDA, cell
    cellular wireless network
  145. The IEEE organization has made
    first-generation Bluetooth the basis for its 802.15 standard for wireless
    Personal Area Networks
  146. Like 802.11g, ____________________ WAPs
    can run in the 2.4 GHz ISM band, supporting earlier, slower 802.11b/g devices.
  147. Microsoft Windows fully supports the
    IEEE ____________________ standard, more commonly known as
    ____________________, to lock down wireless networks.
    802.11i, WPA2
  148. ____________________ is a handy way of
    creating a type of "accepted users" list to limit access to your wireless network and Internet routers.
    MAC address filtering
  149. Two or more wireless nodes communicating in ad hoc mode form what's called a(n)
    Independent Basic Service Set
  150. Devices such as ____________________ and
    ____________________ can cause a great deal of interference.
    cordless phones, microwaves, baby monitors
  151. A(n) ____________________ combines an
    infrared transceiver with an Ethernet NIC and translates the IrDA protocol into
    an Ethernet signal.
    infrared access point
  152. IrDA links are direct ______ and are susceptible to interference.
    line of sight
  153. The maximum distance between infrared
    devices is ____________________ meter.
  154. Communication between infrared devices
    is enabled in ____________________ mode.
    ad hoc
  155. Products that adhere to the 802.11b
    standard provide a maximum of ____________________ channels
  156. The 802.11g standard is backward
    compatible with ____________________.
  157. The IEEE 802.11 wireless Ethernet
    standard defines methods by which devices may communicate using ____________ radio waves.
    spread spectrum
  158. WPA2 uses the ____________________ for
    Advanced Encryption Standard
  159. Wireless networks running in _____ mode use one or more wireless access points to connect the
    wireless network nodes to a wired network segment.
  160. To protect wireless systems, turn off
    SSID ____________________.
  161. Wireless devices operate using the
    ____________________ networking scheme.
  162. To protect wireless systems, the default
    SSID name should be ____________________.
  163. Wireless access points can act as
    high-speed ________ and Internet routers.
  164. Wireless networks using infrared light
    are limited to those that use the ___________ protocol.
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