Studio 3 Final

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  1. There are two things that aux sends are used for:
    • 1.) Headphones
    • 2.) Time Based Processors
  2. Two things you must address using an aux send
    • 1.) Choosing the correct path to get your split
    • 2.) Pre or Post Fader
  3. When choosing the path to get your aux split. Why?
    Always choose the tape return fader. So that the HPs and TBPs operate upon playback.
  4. Why make the HPs Pre-Fader?
    So that the HPs mixes are independent of the control room mix.
  5. Why make the TBPs post fader?
    So the aux send will follow the action of the tape return fader, maintain the wet to dry ratio. Making them dependent.
  6. What is the hook for traditional record mode on the SSL?
    The large fader is the source fader.
  7. What is the hook for non-traditional record mode on the SSL?
    The small fader is the source fader.
  8. What is SSL Rule #1?
    One set of faders received mic or line, the other the monitor input.
  9. What is SSL Rule #2?
    One set of fader goes to the routing matrix, the other to the main stereo buss assignment switch
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