Body structure and function ch 16

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  1. What does the urinary system consist of?
    • Two kidneys
    • two ureters
    • bladder
    • urethra
  2. What is the function if the kidneys
    • Form urine to excrete waste products 
    • regulate the volume, electrolytes and pH of blood and tissue fluid
  3. What is the function of adipose tissue and renal fascia in the kidney?
    Cushion and help hold in place
  4. What is the hilus?
    An indentation on the medial sides of the kidneys, where renal arteries enter and where renal veins and ureter emerge
  5. Renal cortex
    Outer tissue layer, made of renal corpuscles and convoluted tubules
  6. Renal medulla (pyramids)
    Inner tissue layer, made of loops of henle and collecting tubules
  7. Renal pelvis
    A cavity formed by the expanded end of the ureter within the kidney at the hilus
  8. Calcyes
    • Extensions around the papillae of the pyramids
    • collect urine
  9. renal corpuscle
    • In nephron
    • consists of a glomerulus surrounded by a bowmans capsule
  10. Glomerulus
    Capillary network between an afferent arteriole and an efferent arteriole
  11. Bowmans capsule
    • The expanded end of a renal tubule that encloses the glomerulus
    • inner layer made of podocytes
    • has pores
    • very permeable
    • contains renal filtrate
  12. Renal tubule
    Consists of the proximal convoluted tubule, loop of henle, distal convolute tubule, and collecting tubule
  13. Collecting tubule
    Unites to form papillary ducts that empty urine into the calyces of the renal pelvis
  14. Pertibular capillaries
    arise from the efferent arteriole and surround all parts of the renal tubule
  15. pathway of blood vessels in the kidney
    • abd aorta
    • renal artery
    • interlobar arteries
    • arcuate arteries
    • interlobular arteries
    • afferent arterioles
    • glomeruli
    • efferent arterioles
    • peritubular capillaries
    • interlobular veins
    • arcuate veins
    • Interlobar veins
    • renal vein
    • inferior vena cava
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Urinary system

Urinary system
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