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  1. Document 28-4 Adolf Hitler: Mein Kampf: The Art of Propaganda 
  2. Intro of Hitler
    • a.      imprisoned for a failed 1923 coup attempt, he wrote this about politics and society based on Great War
    •                                                               i.      Germany had been defeated not by Allies, but by failure of German propaganda
    • b.      Disregarded, but when he became chancellor, he established the Ministry for Enlightenment and Propaganda in March 1933
  3. Article of MeinKampf
    • People can't acknowledge dedication and propaganda must be popular and easy to understand for hte masses 
    • They need to understand it and be attracted to it with their hearts and minds
    • Once its understood, this rule will result: 
    • - propaganda must be one-sided since intelligence is limited and people easily forget
    • People are driven by feelings, not reasons
    • A good propagandist will continually repeat the principles: PERSISTENCE
    • the purpse: provide interesting distraction wile also convincing (give htem time)
    • In WWI, the enemy's propaganda was insane, then annoying, adn then regarded
  4. Document
    28-6 Winston Churchill: Speech Before the House of Commons
    June 18, 1940
  5. Intro of Churchill
    • a.      WWII began and left people subject to German blitzkrieg
    • b.      after sending troops to aid French against Germans in 1940, the Brits lost tanks, trucks, etc. while evacuating from Dunkirk after Nazis won
    • c.       Germans held deep-water ports along the English Channel and had a feared air force
  6. Speech by Churchill
    • He's not surprised, but events in France will not affect Britain's fighting 
    • 7/8 employed people were returned home
    • They brought back many military suppleis and have a large military and air force
    • They fear raids by parachute troops but still believe their air force is strong enough to hold of Germany
    • In France, they lost machines, but still inflicted loss
    • In Dunkirk: beat German air force
    • Afraid of bombing attacks, which Germans are better than Brits
    • He doesn't underrate the severity, but believes they can do it
    • THe Battle of France will now become the Battle of Britain and Christian civilizaiton is at risk, as well as institutions
    • German fury will be unleashed since Hitler knows he either beats the Brits or loses
    • Churchill says if he stands up to them, they can win, if not, the world will experience a dark age of perverted science
  7. Document 29-1: George C. Marshall An American Plan to Rebuild a Shattered Europe 
    June 5, 1947
  8. Marshall Intro
    • a.      In 1945, American policymakers wanted to avoid repeating neutrality
    •                                                               i.      George Marshall= highest- ranking American officer in WWII and was Secretary of State for Truman administration
    •                                                             ii.      Communist parties won elections in France and Italy and Marshall used speech to Harvard to encourage spending billions to rebuild Europe and prevent war fought with atomic weapons
    • 1.      West liked Marshall Plan, but Stalin-headed Soviets rejected terms for fear of being stripped of control of Eastern bloc
    • II.                Article 
  9. Marshall Article
    • situation is very serious; and the mass can't comprehend the events, consequences, adn effects of the government
    • Prep for the war and maintenance of the war effort overcame everything
    • - machines suck, enterprises support Nazis, and banks, etc. disappeared through loss ofmoney, nationalism, and destruction
    • People don't trust currency and recovery ws stopped by hostility
    • This phase is characterized by oversuplly of food for farmers nad undersupply of food for the rest of hte public
    • division of labor is threatened with breakdown; not enough raw materials or exchange goods
    • Government must use foreign money and credits to get money, causing debts
    • Europe's requirements for food are greater than they can pay
    • Solution: break ciricle and restore economic confidence; make people want to exchange products
    • Consequences for US: they will help, but will not undertake the mission because it is Euroepan business
    • - the policy is directed against hte hugner, povery, chaos, etc. not countries
    • Any govs that want to help will be supported, if not tehy will nt be supportd
    • He calls for joint help with no political passion and prejudice
  10. Document 29-3: Generals Leslie Groves and Thomas F. Farrell: Witnesses to the Birth of the Atomic Age
    July 18, 1945
  11. Document 29-3: Generals Leslie Groves and Thomas F. Farrell: Witnesses to the Birth of the Atomic Age
    • a.      all major nations in WWII had program ot make atomic bomb, but by 1945, US did it
    •                                                               i.      August 6 and 9th, Hiroshima and dNagasaki were bombed, scaring the West and East, especially after Soviet detonation of its own atomic bomb in 1949
  12. Article 
    • July 16, 1945
    • 5:30
    • Alamogordo Air Base, New Mexico= first test of bomb (nuclear explosion) with 13.5 lbs of plutonium
  13. Article of Atomic bomb
    • exploded on platform
    • successful with lighting effect and mushroom cloud
    • broken windows and light seen miles away
    • crater with dirt
    • Brigadier General Thomas F. Farrell commented on it, saying Dr. Oppenheimer developed it; everyone stood (Grooves and director) with excitement, yet nervousness as everyone--Christians, Jews, Atheists, all prayed
    • They succeeded, but it was to be used for good not evil
    • 30 seconds after explosion was air and loud roar
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