Computer Graphics Part 4b (Drawing lines)

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  1. Explain general idea of midpoint algorithm
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  2. How is the midpoint algorithm implemented / decision made? Explain!
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  3. Decision variable update (E was chosen)
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  4. Decision variable update (NE was chosen)
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  5. derive initial decision variable
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  6. list equations for: d, dstart, dnew(E),dnew(NE) and the main advantage of the midpoint algorithm!
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  7. what do you do for slopes that are not 0<m<1?
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  8. Circle Drawing Midpoint (imlicit form of circle, d updates on E/NE chosen)
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  9. What is the problem with the midpoint algorithm?
    Pixels are drawn as single line - aliasing occurs, i.e. unequal line intensity with change in angle. solution: gupta-sproull algoritm, antialiasing.
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