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  1. 5. What rules should be followed to protect the operator and maintenance personnel?
    • To protect the operator, the standards state that:
    • 1.Respect the robot: do not assume the next movement of the robot
    • 2.know the emergency stop button
    • 3. avoid location¬† between the moving arm and fixed objects
    • 4.know the robot: pay attention to noises and vibrations
  2. 2. What is the greatest concern in the work cell from a safety standpoint?
    Worker safety is the most important concern.
  3. 3. What are OSHA recommendations on robot safety?
    OSHA has issued a directive to field personnel instructing them to use ANSI/RIA R1506 standard for safety in robot installations.
  4. 8. Describe three types of presence sensing devices.
    Proximity sensing devices light curtains pressure sensing pads
  5. 20. What are the two basic requirements for interlock switch operators?
    • 1. Reliable operation under extreme conditions and rough treatment.
    • 2. The interlock switch must be able to overcome all attempts to cheat or defeat the mechanism.
  6. What are the three laws for reducing resistance to automation?
    • 1.-Organizations my not install robots to the economic, social, and physical detriment of workers or management.
    • 2.-Organizations my not install robots through devious or closed strategies that reflect distrust or disregard for the workforce, because surely they will fulfill their own prophecy.
    • 3.Organizations may install robots only on those tasks that, although currently performed by a person, are tasks that the person performs as robot would.
  7. 10.-What causes resistance to robot automation at the management level?
    • 1.Concerns by middle managers that an unsuccessful automation project will endanger their future promotions.
    • 2. Fear by firs-line supervisors that robot and manufacturing automation will cause additional employee problems and that they will not have management's support in solving them.
    • 3.Concern by first-line supervisors that production output will drop during the transition to automation and that they will be held accountable.
    • 3.Conflicts concerning responsibility for the project, along with jealousy between manufacturing units and disagreements about distribution of resources
  8. 35. Define the terms loss cost and real loss cost.
    Loss costs, is lost revenue and cash outflows. while real costs , are not factored into individual unit cost or the bottom line profit of the company.
  9. 4.-List the major elements of an operator training program.
    The list of responsibilities for robot operator or cell team may include programming, program loading, work-cell support loading raw material into fixtures, unloading finished parts, and routine system checkout.
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