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  1. adagio
    slow movement, with emphasis on sustained positions and balance
  2. allegro
    a direction to play lively and fast
  3. arpeggio
    broken chord (ie notes of a chord played in a rapid succession instead of simultaneously)
  4. baroque
    extravagantly ornate
  5. cadence
    rhythmic flow of a sequence of sounds or words; in free verse a rhythmic pattern that is non-rhythmically structured
  6. coda
    the closing sectino of a movement or work
  7. counterpoint
    two or three melodic lines/plot lines/themes played at the same time; juxtaposition
  8. crescendo
    a gradual, steady increase in loudness, force or intensity
  9. diminuendo
    a gradual reducing in loudness, force or intensity
  10. drone
    dull, monotonous tone such as a humming or buzzing sound; also a bass note held under a melody
  11. fermata
    to hold a tone or rest held beyond the written value at the discretion of the performer
  12. legato
    word to indicate that the movement or entire composition is to be played smoothly
  13. orchestration
    arranging a piece of music for an orchestra. Also the study of music
  14. staccato
    short, detached notes, as opposed to legato
  15. syncope
    the contraction of a word by omitting one or more sounds (IE never to ne'er; heaven to heav'n)
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