Commercial Speech

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  1. What year did Central Hudson Gas & Electric Co v. Public Service Commission of New York take place?
  2. What is the Central Hudson test?
    • 1.Asks if an ad is false or if it advertises illegal products. 
    • 2. Does govt have substantial interest to ban the ad
    • 3. Is the regulation too broad?
  3. What year did Braun v. Soldier of Fortune take place?
  4. What does the court rule in Braun v. Soldier of Fortune?
    In favor of the victim's family. Magazine loses, and were held responsible for the death because of the ad.
  5. What year did Tradebrands v. FTC take place?
  6. Who won in Tradebrands v. FTC?
    The Free Trade Commission. There was false advertising. People got their money back.
  7. What products' advertisements can be controlled more than others?
    Gambling, alcohol, cigarettes.
  8. What year did Posadas v. Tourism Co. of Puerto Rico take place?
  9. Was the law that said you couldn't advertise gambling WITHIN Puerto Rico ruled constitutional?
  10. What did alcohol do about advertisement?
    Self regulation
  11. When was there a law passed that banned broadcast adds for tobacco products?
  12. What year did Lorillard Tobacco Co v. Reilly take place?
  13. What did Reilly want to do with tobacco ads?
    Ban them within 1,000 feet of schools, not have ads lower than 5 feet from the floor, and have ads that were only accessible to salespersons (service displays)
  14. What did the court find in Lorillard Tobacco Co. v. Reilly?
    Only law that was constitutional was Service Displays (only accessible by salespersons)
  15. What year did RJ Reynolds v. FDA take place?
  16. What did the FDA want to force tobacco companies to do?
    Put graphic and colorful warnings on their packages.
  17. What was ruled in Reynolds v. FDA?
    Tobacco companies win. Can't force a company to put certain messages on their packaging.
  18. What did the judge rule in US v. Philip Morris?
    That the top three tobacco companies that lied in front of Congress in the 90s had to issue corrective statements.
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