Electronic starters

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  1. In simple terms explain the difference between "Closed transition' and "Open transition" timers
    Open transition means that there is no smooth transition from one stage to another during the starting process. Electronic starters however operate on closed transition. Due to the way they operate, they do not need the power to be disconnected as they move through the starting stages.
  2. There are several advantages in using electronic voltage reduction starters. State 3 of them:
    • -They are much more efficiant than primary resistance starters
    • -A specific limit can be set on the amount of starting current
    • -They have ramp-up and ramp-down control. That is, the length of starting run-up time may be extended and stopping time may also be extended
  3. List the four main components of a reduced voltage electronic starter
    • -Fuse
    • -Switch
    • -Overload protection
    • -Control electonics
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