Nutrition Final Part I

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    Bracken Fern
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    Johnson Grass
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    Pokeberry AKA Pokeweed
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    Bladderprod AKA rattlepod, bagpod, coffeebean and rattlebox
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    Sweet clover
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    Common Cocklebur
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    Castor Bean AKA castor oil plant
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    White Snakeroot
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    Poison Ivy
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    Poison Sumac
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    Atamasco Lily
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    St. John's Wort AKA Klamath weed or goat weed
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    Mexican Poppy
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    Hairy Vetch
  22. What plant when eaten by horses causes a thiamin deficiency?
    Bracken Fern
  23. What is the difference between toxic plant and poisonous plants
    • Toxic gets the animal sick
    • Poisonous can kill the animal
  24. Name 2 plants that when not allowed to dry properly causes them to become poisonous.
    • Johnson Grass
    • Sweet Clover
  25. 2 Plants that cause gastrointestinal problems
    • Pokeberry
    • Bladderprod
  26. Name the plant that causes paralysis in pigs, blindness in horses and gastroenteritis in other animals
  27. What plant causes hepatitis in cattle with symptoms of depression, jaundice, and photo sensitization.
  28. Name the plant that causes pupil dilation, tachycardia, tremors, excitement  convulsions and ventricular fibrillation
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  30. What poisonous plant can prolong clotting time, result in spontaneous hemorrhage and fatal anemia
    Sweet Clover
  31. What plant causes diarrhea, excitement and dyspnea
  32. Name the plant whose seeds contain a toxin that causes nephritis and fatal hepatitis
    Common Cocklebur
  33. What plant can cause diarrhea and convulsions
    Castor Bean
  34. What plant causes tremors, dyspnea, paralysis and can be passed through the milk of cows poisoning anyone who drinks the tainted milk
    White Snakeroot
  35. 3 Plants that cause dermatitis
    • Poison Ivy
    • Poison Sumac
    • St. John's Wort
  36. Plant whose leaves and bulbs are poisonous to cattle, horses and poultry. Causes staggering, diarrhea, collapse and death.
    Atamasco Lily
  37. What plant contain large amounts of white sap and causes neurological and gastrointestinal symptoms in cattle.
  38. Plant that can be consumed in moderation, but causes acute indigestion when consumed in excess
  39. What plant causes glaucoma in humans and in chickens causes low egg production, edema, ataxia, comb cyanosis and gastroenteritis. 
    Mexican Poppy
  40. What plant may be linked to "Pyrexia-Pruitis-hemorrhage" syndrome in dairy cattle?
    Hairy Vetch
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