NUR 111 Abbreviations

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  1. ABGs
    arterial blood gases
  2. ac
    before meals
  3. acbs
    before breakfast and supper
  4. ADA Diet
    American Diabetes Association Diet
  5. A.D.L.
    activities of daily living
  6. A.Fib.
    Arterial fibrillation
  7. AKA
    above the knee amputation
  8. AMA
    against medical advice
  9. Amb.
  10. ASHD
    arterio or atherosclerotic heart disease
  11. A&O
    Alert and oriented
  12. A.R.O.M.
    Active range of motion
  13. AV
  14. BCPs
    birth control pills
  15. BE
    barium enema
  16. BGM
    Blood glucose monitoring
  17. BKA
    below the knee amputation
  18. bm
    bowel movement
  19. BP
    blood pressure
  20. BMP
    basal metabolic panel
  21. BMR
    basal metabolic rate
  22. BPH
    benign prostatic hypertrophy
  23. BR
    bedrest, bathroom
  24. BRP
    bathroom privileges
  25. BS
    bowel sounds, blood sugar, breath sounds
  26. BSC
    bedside commode
  27. BUN
    blood urea nitrogen
  28. Bx
  29. Ca
    cancer, carcinoma
  30. CABG
    coronary artery bypass graft
  31. CAT or CT
    computerized axial tomography (scan)
  32. CBC
    complete blood count
  33. CBD
    common bile duct
  34. CBI
    continuous bladder irrigation
  35. CBR
    complete bedrest
  36. CC
    chief complaint
  37. CHF
    congestive heart failure
  38. CHI
    closed head injury
  39. CKD
    chronic kidney failure
  40. CL
    clear liquids, cervical laminectomy
  41. CNS
    central nervous system
  42. c/o
    complaining of
  43. COPD
    chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  44. CPAP
    continuous positive airway pressure
  45. C&S
    cultre and sensitivity
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