Art history final pt 2

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  1. St. Matthew, Coronation Gospels, Carolingian, Early 9th Century (after 800
  2. Interior of the Palace Chapel of Charlemagne. Aachen, Carolingian, 792-805
  3. Equestrian portrait of Charles the Bald (grandson of Charlemagne), Carolingian, Ninth century.
  4. Saint Matthew. Folio 18. Ebbo Gospels, from Hautevillers, Carolingian, c.816-835.
  5. Doors, commissioned by Bishop Bernward for Saint Michael’s, Ottonian, 1015
  6. Exterior, Saint-Martin-du-Canigou, French Pyrenees, Romanesque, 1001-1026
  7. Reconstruction Drawing of the Third Abbey Church at Cluny, Looking East, Romanesque, 1088-1130.
  8. Nave, Abbey Church of Notre-Dame, Fontenay, Romanesque, 1139-1147.
  9. Christ in Majesty, South Portal, Priory Church Moissac, Romanesque, 1115
  10. Hildegard and Volmar, from Liber Scivias of Hildegard of Bingen, Romanesque, 1150-1175.
  11. Reliquary statue of Sainte Foy (St. Faith), Conques, France, Romanesque, 9th-10thcenturies.
  12. Transept, Cathedral, Santiago de Compostela, Romanesque, 1078-1122.
  13. Giselbertus (?), Last Judgment Tympanum, Autun Cathedral, Romanesque, 1120-1130, or 1130-1145.
  14. 34. Not in Book, Tympanum, Ste. Madeleine, Vezelay, France, Romanesque, 1120-1132.
  15. The Bayeux Embroidery, Bayeux, France, Romanesque, 1070-1080.
  16. Ambulatory and Radiating Chapels, St. Denis, Paris, France, Early Gothic, 1140-1144
  17. West Façade, Chartres Cathedral, Early Gothic, 1134-1260
  18. Jambs, Royal Portal West Façade, Chartres Cathedral, Early Gothic, 1145-1155
  19. Rose Window and Lancets, Chartres Cathedral, High Gothic, 1230-1235

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Art history final pt 2
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Art history

Art history
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