Phoneic Alphabet

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  1. a A
    able Alfa
  2. b B
    baker Bravo
  3. c C
    charlie Charlie
  4. d D
    dog Delta
  5. e E
    easy Echo
  6. f F
    fox Foxtrot
  7. g G
    george Golf
  8. h H
    how Hotel
  9. i I
    item India
  10. j J
    jig Juliett
  11. k K
    king Kilo
  12. l L
    love Lima
  13. m M
    mike Mike
  14. n N
    nan November
  15. o O
    oboe Oscar
  16. p P
    peter Papa
  17. q Q
    queen Quebec
  18. r R
    roger Romeo
  19. s S
    sugar Sierra
  20. t T
    tare Tango
  21. u U
    uncle Uniform
  22. v V
    victor Victor
  23. w W
    william Whiskey
  24. x X
    x-ray Xray
  25. y Y
    yoke Yankee
  26. z Z
    zebra Zulu

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Phoneic Alphabet
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Phoneic Alphabet WWII NATO ICAO

Phoneic Alphabet WWII NATO&ICAO
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