Mind And Body

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  1. A diagram of a Neuron
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  2. What is the function of the Dendrites
    Receives electric signals from other neurons

    Has receptors on the end of the dentrites
  3. What is the function of the Nucleus
    Contains your DNA
  4. what is the SOMA and the function
    Also known as the cell body it contains neurons
  5. What is the Myelin Sheath and the Function
    The Myelin Sheath acts as a protective coating sorrounding the axon and acts as an insulator of the nerve signal
  6. What is the axon and function
    Electric Signals pass down the axon from the cells body
  7. What is the function if the synaptic terminal
    releasing chemicals (neurotransmitter)
  8. What is the flowchart
    Stimulus-sensory Neuron-interneuron-motor-response
  9. What is the function of the Cerebral Cortex?
    • –Makes
    • up 90% of brain volume and has many functions, including controlling complex
    • thought
  10. What is the function of the Cerebellum?
  11. What is the function of the Medulla?
    • –Controls
    • vital, involuntary (automatic) activities like heartbeat and breathing
  12. What is the function of the Frontal Lobe?
    • •Contains
    • both association and motor
    • areas
    • –Conscious
    • thought

    • –Decision
    • making


    • –Speech
    • and language

    • –Voluntary
    • movements
  13. What is the function of the Parietal Lobe?
    • •Responsible
    • for processing information from all of our sensory organs:



  14. What is the function of the Temporal Lobe?
    • •Contain
    • both sensory and association
    • areas

    •Temporal lobe

    • –Hearing
    • and smelling

    • –Interpretation
    • of language

  15. What is the function of the occipital Lobe?
    • •Containboth sensory and associationareas
    • –Vision

    • –Recognition
    • of objects by sight
  16. What is the function of the amygdala?
    • Processing of fear and emotion and
    • coordination of fight or flight response
  17. What is the functions of the hippocampus?
    Memory formation and spatial navigation
  18. What is the function of the thalamus?
    • Relaying of information between different
    • parts of the brain. Contributes to perception, movement, memory and
    • consciousness.
  19. What is the function of the corpus callosum?
    • Large bundle of fibres connecting left
    • and right hemisphere of the brain
  20. What is the function of hypothalamus.
    • Controls many involuntary processes such
    • as hunger, body temperature and blood pressure.
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