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  1. What are the three categories of muscle?
    • Smooth
    • Skeletal
    • Cardiac
  2. How are muscle cells formed during development?
    By fusion of undifferentiated, mononucleated cells
  3. What is a myoblast?
    A single multinucleated, cylindrical cell
  4. What is muscle made of?
    Muscle fibers bound by connective tissue
  5. How is skeletal muscle most easily visually characterized?
    By striations
  6. What type of muscle has no distinct banding pattern?
    Smooth muscle
  7. What type of muscle is spindle shaped with no distinct banding pattern?
    Smooth muscle
  8. Describe the visual characteristics of smooth muscle:
    Spindle shaped with no distinct banding pattern
  9. What are the five major features of skeletal muscle (4)?
    • Multinucleated
    • Many mitochondria
    • Transverse Tubules
    • Myofibrils/Sarcomeres
  10. What type of muscle is multinucleated, has many mitochondria, contains transverse tubules and has distinct myofibrils and sarcomeres?
    Skeletal muscle
  11. What is the Sarcolemma?
    The plasma membrane of skeletal muscle
  12. What is the Sarcoplasm?
    The cytoplasm of skeletal muscle
  13. What is Sarcoplasmic reticulum?
    Smooth endoplasmic reticulum of skeletal muscle
  14. What is the term for the plasma membrane of skeletal muscle?
  15. What gives skeletal muscles their characteristic striated appearance?
  16. What are myofibrils composed of?
    Actin and myosin
  17. Is Actin thick or thin?
  18. Is Myosin thick or thin?
  19. Which is thin, Actin or Myosin?
  20. Which is Thick, Actin or Myosin?
  21. What are the three major components of the thin filament?
    • Actin
    • Tropomyosin
    • Tropnin
  22. What is the term for the small “feet” on the Myosin filament?
  23. What is the A band?
    • The myosin (dark)
  24. What is the M line?
    • The midline between actin filaments in the center of myosin filaments
  25. What is the Z line?
    • Center of Actin filaments, between Myosin filaments
  26. What is the I band?
    • The light colored band between A bands
    • All actin, no myosin

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