BIOL 404-Exam 4-Muscle 6

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  1. How do Fast and Slow muscle fibers differ compositionally?
    Myosins with different maximal rates of ATP use
  2. What filament feature determines the maximal rate of cross bridge cycling and shortening velocity?
    The maximal rate that Myosin uses ATP
  3. What are oxidative fibers?
    Those that contain numerous mitochondria
  4. What type of fibers contain lots of mitochondria?
    Oxidative fibers
  5. Oxidative fibers are dependent on what?
    • Blood flow to deliver oxygen and fuel molecules to the muscle
    • The amount of Myoglobin
  6. What type of muscle fibers contain few mitochondria and posses a high concentration of enzymes?
    Glycolytic fibers
  7. Describe glycolytic fibers:
    • Few mitochondria
    • Large amounts of glycolytic enzymes
  8. What are the three principal types of muscle fibers?
    • Slow-oxidative
    • Fast-oxidative-glycolytic
    • Fast-glycolytic
  9. What type of muscle fiber is not found in real life?
    Slow-glycolytic fibers
  10. Where are slow glycolytic fibers found?
    They do not exist
  11. Describe the tension produced by Slow -oxidative fibers:
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    • Medium tension at a steady rate that can be maintained for some time
  12. Describe the tension produced by Fast-oxidative-glycolytic fibers:
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    • Higher tension at a steady rate that slowly drops off
  13. Describe the tension produced by Fast-gylcolytic fibers:
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    • High tension that is not sustained
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