Sensory, Motor and Intergrative System

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  1. What are Sensory receptors?
    a sensory nerve ending that responds to a stimulus in the internal or external environment of an organism
  2. What is the structure of a sensory receptor?
    • -Free nerve endings-bare dendrites
    • -Encapsulated nerve endings-dendrites enclosed in a connective tissue capsule

    • -Complex
    • Separated cells-synapse in sensory neurons
    • special senses
    • Most Visceroceptors
  3. Explain the locations of sensory receptors
    Exteroceptors-at or near external surface of body, monitor external environments

    Interoceptors-located in blood vessels, visceral organs, muscles and nervous system; monitor conditions in internal environment

    Proprioceptors-in muscles, tendons, joints and inner ear; provide info about body position, muscle length, tension, and joint movements
  4. What are the types of stimulus of sensory receptors?
    • Mechanoreceptors-sensitive to mechanical stimuli
    • Thermorecptors-detect new changes in temp
    • Nociceptors-respond to painful stimuli(damage to tissue)
    • Photoreceptors-detect light that strikes the retina of the eye
    • Chemoreceptors-detet chemicals in mouth nose and body fluids
    • Osmoreceptors-detect the osmotic pressure of body fluids
  5. What is referred pain?
    Pain that is felt at a site remote from the place of origin
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