Computer Graphics Part 5a (View Transformation)

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  1. List the three steps of the View Transformation (Camera View) step of the Geometry stage
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  2. give an equation that describes the homogeneous transofrmaiton involved in view transformation
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  3. which direction is the camera view usually facing?
    • -z direction
    • x axis facing right
    • y axis faceing upwards
  4. what does view projection mean? list the 2 types of projection
    • "we want to create a picture of the scene viewed from the camera"
    • parallel (/orthographic) projection
    • prespective projection
  5. what is the projection matrix for parallel?
    • (direction rather than viewed from a point)
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  6. What is the difference between a parallel and perspective projection and what is the major consequence?
    • parallel is directional projection, qhile perspective projection is specified by a centre/point of projection and the focal distance.
    • for prespective, objects far away appear smaller, closer ones appear bigger.
  7. What is the homogenous transformation matric for perspective prjection?
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  8. Problem with standard perspective projection and alternative formulation?
    • problem: centre of projection fixed at origin
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