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  1. When was the last time that you drank something?
    Cuando fue la ultima vez que tomo algo?
  2. When was the last time that you ate something?
    Cuando fue la ultima vez que comio algo?
  3. Some/any vs. Something
    • Some/any = algun, alguna, alguno
    • Something/anything = algo
  4. Are you wearing any jewelry?
    Lleva puesta alguna joya?
  5. You can't eat anything for 8 hours before the surgery. (You can eat nothing during 8 hours before the surgery.)
    No puede comer nada durente ocho horas antes de la operacion.
  6. To wear
    llevar puesta
  7. Do you have any false teeth?
    Tiene algun diente postizo?
  8. False
  9. Tooth
    • el diente
    • los dientes
  10. Are you wearing contact lenses?
    Lleva puestos lentes de contacto?
  11. Contact lenses
    lentes de contacto
  12. Are you chewing gum?
    Esta masconado chicle?
  13. You can't drink anything for 5 hours before the operation. (You can drink nothing during 5 hours before the operation.)
    No puede tomar nada durante cinco horas antes de la operacion.
  14. Sometimes
    a veces
  15. Everything is normal.
    Todo esta normal.
  16. To stay
  17. And the pain goes to another place or it stays there?
    Y dolor se le va a alugna parte or se le queda alli?
  18. Please keep two siderails up.
    Por favor, mantenga dos barandals en alto.
  19. I'm going to look for him.
    Voy a buscarlo(a).
  20. Your husband is waiting outside.
    Su esposo esta esperando afuera.
  21. to hope, wait, expect
  22. Your mother is waiting outside.
    Su madre esta esperando afuera.
  23. Visiting hours
    las horas de visita
  24. The number of your room is 202.
    El numero de su cuarto es el dos-cero-dos.
  25. Tomorrow morning
    manana por la manana
  26. to look for
  27. the rest of...
    the others
    las demas
  28. Visiting hours are from 10am to 8pm. Only four visitors are permitted at a time. The others can wait outside.
    Las horas de visita son de las diez de la monana a las ocho de la noche.

    Se permiten solo cuartro visitantes a la vez.

    Los demas pueden esperar afuera.
  29. They are, you all are
  30. he, she, it is
    you are
  31. Do you smoke?
    Fuma Ud?
  32. I'm going to examine your belly.
    Voy a examinar su vientre.
  33. To cough
  34. To open
  35. To come out
  36. What color is the phlegm? Is it clear, yellow, green, or brown?
    De que color el la flema? Es clara, amarilla, verde, or marron?
  37. How much vs. When
    • How munch = cuanto
    • When = cuando
  38. Does phlegm come out when you cough? How much: small, medium, or large?
    Le sale flema cuando tose? Cuanto flema? una poca, mediana, grande?
  39. Open your mouth.
    Open your mouth wider.
    • Abra la boca.
    • Abra la boca mas grande.
  40. When was the last time you deficated?
    Cuando fue la untima vez que defeco?
  41. How you had vomiting?
    Ha tenido vomito?
  42. In what part of the stomach or abdomen is the pain?
    En que parte de el estomago or el abdomen es el dolor?
  43. A pill
    una pastilla
  44. Roll up your sleeve please, I"m going to take your blood pressure.
    Arremanguese la mange, voy a tomar la presion.
  45. I'm going to take your pulse.
    Voy a tomar el pulso.
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