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  1. _____________is a way of explicitly tagging VLAN information onto an Ethernet frame.
    Inter-Switch Link (ISL)
  2. What does tagging information allow VLANs to do over a trunk link?
    allows VLANs to be multiplexed through an external encapsulation method, which allows the switch to identify the VLAN membership of a frame over a the link
  3. This is a Cisco-proprietary frame-tagging method that can only be used with Cisco switches and routers.
    Inter-Switch Link (ISL)
  4. Which command would you use to set a port to trunking on a 2960?
    switchport mode trunk
  5. What is VTP and what does it provide?
    VTP - VLAN Trunking Protocol provides propagation of the VLAN database throughout your switched network. All switches must be in the same VTP domain.
  6. Describe dynamic VLANs
    • determines a node's VLAN assignment
    • automatically assignments can be based on hardware (MAC) addresses, protocols, or applications  VLAN management database look up function
  7. What is VMPS and what does it do?
    • VMPS or VLAN Management Policy Server and used to setup a database of MAC addresses to be used for dynamic addressing of your VLANs.
    • Automatically maps MAC addresses to VLANs
  8. What is DTP and what does it do?
    Dynamic Trunking Protocol - provides the ability to negotiate the trunking method with other devices on the other end of the link
  9. What are the two different types of links in a switched environment?
    • access ports
    • trunk ports
  10. Describe Trunk Ports
    ports that can carry multiple VLANs at a time
  11. What is a trunk link?
    a 100 or 1000Mbps point-to-point link between two switches, betweent switch and router, or even between switch and server and carries traffic of multiple VLANs, from 1 to 4,094 at a time
  12. What can be the advantage of trunking?
    • you can make a single port part of a whole bunch of different VLANs at the same time.
    • carry various amounts of VLAN information across the link
  13. What is an access link?
    This can be reffered to as the configured VLAN of the port.  Any device  attached to an access link is unaware of  a VLAN membership -- the  device just assumes it's part of the same broadcast domain.
  14. What is meant or referred to as "switch fabric"?
    a group of switches that share the same VLAN information
  15. Each switch that the frame reaches must first do what?
    Identify the VLAN ID from the frame tag
  16. This IEEE standard method of frame tagging inserts a field into the frame to identify the VLAN.
    IEEE 802.1Q
  17. What must be used for trunking to work if trunking between a Cisco switched link and a different brand of switch?
    You must use 802.1Q
  18. What is the basic purpose of ISL and 802.1Q frame-tagging?
    To provide inter-switch VLAN communication and ONLY used on trunk links
  19. What is the Cisco proprietary protocol used to manage all configured VLANs across a switched internetwork and to maintain consistency throughout the network?
    VTP - VLAN Trunking Protocol
  20. What are some of the features that VTP has to offer?
    • consistent vlan configuration across all switches in the network
    • VLAN trunking over mixed networks, such as Ethernet to ATM LANE or even FDDI
    • accurate tracking and monitoring of VLANs
    • dynamic reporting of added VLANs to all switches in the VTP domain
    • plug 'n play VLAN adding
  21. True/False: VPT information is sent between switches only via a trunk port
  22. In this mode you can configrure switches to foward VTP information through trunk ports but not accept information updates or update their VTP database.
    VTP transparent mode
  23. What are the three requirements for VTP to communicate VLAN information between switches?
    • VTP management domain name of both switches must be set the same
    • one of the switches has to be configured as a VTP server
    • no router is necessary
  24. What is the method called where VTP gives you a way to preserve bandwidth by configuring it to reduce the amount of broadcasts, multicasts, and unicast packets?
    VTP pruning
  25. What must VTP pruning enabled switches send?
    send broadcasts only to trunk links that actually must have information
  26. What ocurrs when pruning is enabled on a VTP server?
    you enable it for the entire VTP domain
  27. By default, which VLANs are pruning eligible?
    VLANs 2 - 1001
  28. Why can you never prune VLAN 1?
    Because it's an administrative VLAN
  29. ____ ______ refers to VLAN identification; this is what switches use to
    keep track of all those frams as they're traversing a switch fabric.
    it's how switchs identify which frames belong to which VLANs.
    frame tagging
  30. ______ VLAN identification methos is a nonproprietary IEEE method of frame tagging. If you're trunking between a Cisco switched link and a different brand of switch, you have to use this for the trunk to work.
  31. When plugging in a new host into a switch , what must you do first to have your desired connectivity?
    You must verify the LAN membership of that port. Make sure you put it on your desired VLAN for appropriate connectivity.
  32. How do you create a Cisco "router on a stick" to provide inter-VLAN communication?
    You can use a Cisco Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet interface to provide inter-VLAN routing. The switch port connected to the router must be a trunk port; then you must create virtual interfaces (subinterfaces on the router port for each VLAN connecting. the hosts in each VLAN will use this interface address as their default gateway address.
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