Musculoskeletal System Operative Terms

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  1. amputation
    partial or complete removal of a limb (AKA = above-knee amputation; BKA = below-knee amputation)
  2. arthrocentesis
    puncture for aspiration of a joint
  3. arthrodesis
    binding or fusing of joint surfaces
  4. arthroplasty
    repair or reconstruction of a joint
  5. arthroscopy
    procedure using an arthroscope to examine, diagnose, and repair a joint from within
  6. bone grafting
    transplantation of a piece of bone from one site to another to repair a skeletal defect
  7. bursectomy
    excision of a bursa
  8. myoplasty
    repair of muscle
  9. open reduction, internal fixation (ORIF) of a fracture
    internal surgical repair of a fracture by bringing bones back into alignment and fixing them in place with devices such as plates, screws, and pins
  10. osteoplasty
    repair of bone
  11. osteotomy
    an incision into bone
  12. spondylosyndesis
    spinal fusion
  13. tenotomy
    division of a tendon by incision to repair a deformity caused by shortening of a muscle
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