Blood Vessels 2

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  1. Forces exerted by the blood against the inner walls of blood vessels
    Blood pressure
  2. When ventricles contract causing pressure in the aorta
    Systolic pressure
  3. Top #
    Systolic pressure
  4. When ventricles relax causing the lowest pressure in the arteries
    Diastolic Pressure
  5. Bottom #
    Diastolic Pressure
  6. Factors that influence blood pressure
    The volume of blood discharged from the LV (stroke volume)
  7. Blood volume 
    (Factors that influence blood pressure)
    5 liters but varies
  8. Loss of blood results in 
    (Factors that influence blood pressure) (Blood Volume)
    low blood pressure
  9. Peripheral Resistance 
    (Factors that influence blood pressure)
    Friction created as blood flows against blood vessel walls
  10. Viscosity 
    (Factors that influence blood pressure)
    Thickness of blood
  11. Too many RBC can 
    (Factors that influence blood pressure) (Viscosity)
    thicken blood
  12. Meds can 
    (Factors that influence blood pressure) (Viscosity)
    thin blood
  13. The more blood that enters the heart______
    (Control of Blood pressure)
    the stronger the ventricular contraction,
  14. The more blood that enters the heart______(Control of Blood pressure)
    the greater the stroke and the greater the cardiac output
  15. Two important mechanisms for maintaing normal arterial pressure involved the
    Regulation of the cardiac output (volume discharged every minute) and Peripheral vesistance

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Blood Vessels 2
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