Cardiovascular System 2 and Blood flow

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  1. The right chamber  are separated by the ______
    Tricuspid valve
  2. The _____ of the _______ is guarded by a _______
    Base; pulmonary trunk; pulmonary valve
  3. Receives blood from pulmonary veins
    The left atrium
  4. The left chambers are separated by the
    Bicuspid valve
  5. Carries blood away from the heart
  6. Carries blood back to the heart
  7. The flow of blood through the body is a
    continuous loop
  8. Blood flow in oxygen enters the right atrium from the inferior and superior vena cave
    Step 1
  9. Blood passes through the tricuspid valve in the right ventricle
    Step 2
  10. From the right ventricle blood pressure through the pulmonary valve into the pulmonary trunk (artery)
    Step 3
  11. Blood enters the capillaries in the lungs associated with the alvcoli. Oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged
    Step 4
  12. The freshly oxygenated blood returns to the heart through the pulmonary veins, which leads into the left atrium
    Step 5
  13. Blood then moves through the bicuspid valve into the left ventricle
    Step 6
  14. From the left ventricle blood passes through the aortic valve to the aorta and its branches
    Step 7
  15. Blood travels throughout the body parts and returns back to the right atrium by the vena cava
    Step 8
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