Computer Graphics Part 6a (Lighting)

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  1. Give the general idea/definition of lighting..
    How to compute the color of objects according to the position of light, normal vector and camera position (-> Phong illumination model)
  2. What affects the color of a point on the object?
    • position of sample point
    • position of the light
    • color and intensity of the light
    • camera vector
    • normal vector of the surface at the vertex
    • ohysical charactersistics of the object (reflectance model, color)
  3. Explain the Phong illumination model
    • 3 parameter model - simple sum of 3 illumination terms
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  4. specular reflection detail
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  5. How do you deal with multiple light sources?
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  6. how are dot products used in lighting calculations?
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  7. How does the computation of different colors work?
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  8. How do you account for light attenuation (alter the lighting equation)?
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