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  1. MIS Pricing Steps:
    • CDST: NPA& NXX
    • GINOS: find distance from POP to customer premise, price the access charge
    • MIS Pricing Guide (PORT price-->determined via speed)
    • Discountable via MIS Field auth guide
    • managed or unmanaged
  2. Components to MIS Pricing
    • Port: price based off distance
    • Access: price based off of distance
  3. Private line pricing steps
    • CDST: NPA & NXX
    • Eagle: to price
  4. ICB Comparison Tool
    • 1. Seller sends info to manager
    • 2. Manager sends info to ICB
    • 3. ICB sends back what we can offer the customer
  5. Office @ Hand
    Gices the small business customer a big business feel (e-fax, call routing, 800#, simultaneous ring and auto attendant)
  6. What are the requirements for a customer to be eligible for ramp up period?
    $200,000 MAC and they must hit at least 75% of that
  7. What is DevCentral used for?
    AMA info (catalog)
  8. What discount is available with an ABN?
    local access is 33%
  9. What discount is available with MIS?
    • on port only
    • 1 yr: 36%
    • 2 or 3 yr: 40%
  10. When a customer doesnt want their ppl to text, how is this provisioned?
    in Phoenix: opt out text
  11. What system do you use for a BAN to BAN transfer?
    ETeams: system in Phoenix (submit a form saying you want one number transferred to another responsibility)
  12. Data plans and pricing:
    • 3G personal: 30
    • 3G enterprise: 45
    • 5G enterprise: 50
    • 5G personal w/tethering: 50
    • 5G enterprise w/tethering: 65
  13. Business pooled minutes & pricing:
    • BP 450: $44.99
    • BP 900: $64.99
  14. Business pooled texting plan:
    unlimited: $20
  15. When would you recommend enterprise paging to a cust? How do you propose it?
    Recommend enterprise paging to a customer when they need to send mass msg out to their customers/need more characters/secure msg's
  16. Your customer already has a GSM device and they want to switch to AT&T, what do you do?
    • 1. IMEI look up
    • 2. provision AT&T sim card
    • 3. marry the IMEI and SIM #s
  17. ACDA MAC with 1 yr ramp up period with business pooled plan; explain short fall:
    If the MAC is $200,000 or more and they pay 75% of the MAC then they dont have to pay the shortfall within the first year
  18. What are the four biz agreements?
    • 1. AMB-att mobile business
    • 2. ACDA-att corp digital advantage
    • 3. ISBS-integrated small biz solution
    • 4. SBPL-small biz personal liability
  19. Compare biz talk and biz pooled
    Biz talk is where the customer can have minutes that are shared between lines, if these are 5 ppl in a group and that group has 700 minutes, they all pull from the 700 minutes. With business pooled each user would have their own set of minutes but say one employee doesnt use all of his minutes and another needs over his alotted minutes, the one who needs more can take from the employee that didnt use his minutes
  20. What are the 2 biz talk group messaging plans?
    • biz talk (5): up to 5 users, $30 flat
    • biz talk (50): $25 anchor line/$6 each for the rest
  21. if a customer wants a backup credit card system what would you recommend them?
    a. intuit or MiFi device (5gb for $60 per month)
  22. If a customer wants to transfer a number from personal to business what system would you use?
  23. where do you attach the FAN to the BAN?
  24. What is the difference between premier and premier resource center?
    premier is for the customer to manage their biz account, premier resource center is for the AE to view the customers premier site, set up layout for them, or make minor changes
  25. Funnel calculation
  26. is legacy SBC regulated by the FCC?
  27. What is centrex?
    A multi line phone system with more than 100 features are housed and managed at the AT&T CO and provided as a service to the customer. No capital expenditure
  28. What is complete link 2.0?
    volume discount offer for customers with local exchange products

    used to gain TVD for all accts

    • Contributory services (local usage, toll free usage charges)
    • MRC services-PRI, Centrex, and access lines

    discounts: the higher the MARC, the higher the TVD but capped at the MAD
  29. HCVP
    high volume calling plan
  30. MARC
    minimum annual revenue commitment
  31. TVD
    total volume discount
  32. CPE
    customer premised equipment
  33. CO
    central office
  34. MAD
    maximum annual discount
  35. Components of all for less:
    unlimited local calling, long distance, new dsl/uverse or wireless
  36. difference between ISDN PRI and BRI
    PRI: 23B channels dedicated to voice, 1D for signaling

    BRI:3 channels--2B for voice,1D for signaling (used at radio stations)
  37. WAN solutions:
    optEman, gigaman, w-wan
  38. How do AEs use ROME
    • manage funnel
    • change AOPS
    • submit credits checks
    • SOR
    • SIP sales
  39. how do AEs use RDS
    to place simple orders, billing credits, all legacys
  40. how do AEs use SAART?
    identify AE, BUID, SVID, PID, Scrub accts
  41. Leader of virtualization software?
  42. Market leader of cloud services?
  43. Who do we use for cloud storage infrastructure?
  44. minimum term required for an ATT cloud pricing schedule?
    no term required
  45. 3 types of cloud services
    public, private, hybrid
  46. 3 AT&T cloud services
    PaaS: platform as a service, 50 templates, smaller comp, tailor platform to make apps

    CaaS: synaptic compute as a service

    STaaS: synaptic storage as a service
  47. Server virtualization
    consolidates mult software apps to one server
  48. 2 benefits of virtualization
    cut costs & open up more space
  49. internal group that assists customers with onboarding ATT cloud services
  50. How many videds can you have at one time on AT&T connect?
  51. healthcare compliance legislation
  52. Formal customer proposal?
    proposal builder
  53. how many prebuilt apps with PaaS
  54. how many cloud data centers?
    5 out of 38 (3 in US)
  55. AT&T vs Amazon
    we own our own network
  56. MIS definition and why youd recommend it
    • + vs basic
    • provides dedicated internet access

    dedicated, managed by AT&T, reliable (SLA) 24/7 cust support, flexible
  57. ABN, what and why
    a convergence of services packaged with the small biz customer in mind. Combines billing simplified contracting, web based servicing, pricing and discounting

    small biz, tiered discounts, based on spend. No revenue commitments and consolidated billing
  58. MPLS, what and why
    a technology that has 3 products that connect a customers locations to the same network (intranet)

    customer has multiple locations and is looking for a reliable and secure connectino that is scalable
  59. DSL, what and why?
    digital subscriber line, gives customer access to internet via POTS or twisted copper pair. download speeds up to 6 mbps

    low cost, distance sensitive, few users, moderate internet usage
  60. IP flex, what and why
    integrated voice and data solution over a dedicated T1

    to allow for simultaneous voice and data, housed at customer premise, mult locations, critical voice communication
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