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  1. What is the average daily Protein intake for Americans?
    125 grams
  2. How much Protein is need daily?
    40-50 grams to replace losses
  3. What are the two stages of Protein digestion?
    • Enzymatic digestion to peptides
    • Peptide digestion to AAs
  4. What cells secrete pepsin?
    Gastric chief cells
  5. What important enzyme is secreted by the gastric chief cells?
  6. What is the optimal pH for pepsin?
    Acidic (as per the stomach)
  7. Where is pepsin secreted?
    In the stomach
  8. Is pepsin essential for protein digestion?
  9. Where is pepsin found?
    beginning in the stomach to the upper small intestine
  10. What enzymes involved in protein digestion are secreted by the pancreas?
    • Trypsin
    • Chymotrypsin
    • Elastase
  11. What organ secretes trypsin, chymotripsin and elastase?
    The Pancreas
  12. What is the optimal pH for Trypsin, Chymotripsin and elastase?
    Neutral pH
  13. Where are Trypsin, Chymotripsin and elastase located?
    In the small intestine
  14. Trypsin, Chymotrypsin and elastase all perform what type of protein digestion?
    Protein to Peptide digestion
  15. What type of protein digestion is carried out by Pepsin?
    Protein to peptide digestion
  16. What are endopeptidases?
    Membrane bound enzyme s of the small intestine that digest Proteins to peptides
  17. What is the optimal pH for Endopepditadases?
    Neutral pH
  18. What is the name for a membrane bound small intestinal enzyme active in protein digestion to peptides?
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