ALD ch 12

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  1. guidelines for intervention (6)
    • 1. determine the purpose
    • 2. establish responsibility for the disorder
    • 3. be prepared to counsel
    • 4. adjust to the social-cognitive level of student
    • 5. be cogizant of adult learning theory
    • 6. estblish ground rules for intervention sessions
  2. skills are taught that approximate the students achievement level, making an assumption that identifying and sequencing prerequisite skills is possible
    basic skills approach p343
  3. instruction in academic content areas
    tutorial approach p343
  4. a focus on how to learn, not what to learn, techniques, principles or rules that will help with learning and retreival of info
    learning strategies approach
  5. focus on equipping students to function in society
    functional curriculum approach
  6. application of an idea, concept or skill being used in one situation to a different situation
    bridging p347
  7. creating connections between actions and results is
    mediation-remind them that the stimulus-response is affected by the conginitive level of the organism recieving the stimulus and generating the response p344
  8. the umbrella that encompasses phonology, syntax, semantics is
    pragmatics-which should be focus p351
  9. where else have you seen ______? is what what type of question?
  10. what do yousee on this page? is what type of question?
  11. what strategy do you think you could use to complete this task on this page? what type of question?
  12. what mistakes might you make if you didnt use this strategy? is what type of question?
    bridging p350
  13. composing strategies and editing strategies are two ways to enhance
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