Airways final spring

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  1. Confirmation of LMA placement by:
  2. What is the Mueller maneuver?
    After a forced expiration, an attempt at inspiration is made with closed mouth and nose, whereby the negative pressure in the chest and lungs is made very subatmospheric; the reverse of Valsalva manoeuvre.
  3. Pulmonary Capillary pressure during Mueller maneuver will _________.
  4. What is a normal interincisor distance?
  5. Micrognathia is a ______ jaw.
  6. define ankyloglossia:
    stiff tongue
  7. What are the functions of the cuneiform cartilages?
    • 1) Stiffen aryepiglottic folds
    • 2) aid in re-opening glottis
  8. What is the level of the major carina?
    • T6 (T5-T7)
    • sternal angle
  9. vestibule of nose is innervated by the ______ ______.
    infra-orbital nerve
  10. What does RAE stand for
    Ring, Adair and Elwyn
  11. The Superior laryngeal nerve supplies motor to the _____________ __________, and sensory to the ______________ region.
    • cricothyroid muscle
    • supraglottic
  12. Heliox physical attributes: (3)
    • 1) ^ heat capacity
    • 2) ^ viscosity
    • 3) decrease density
  13. VO2 = kg^0.75 x 10
  14. What is the fulcrum point of the larynx?
  15. What is the position of the vocal cords during rest?
    cadaveric; REST and End-Expiration. (you expire at paramedian)
  16. What is the position of the vocal cords during inspiration?
  17. The Vocal cords are in the LATERAL position during ___ _________.
    Maximum inspiration
  18. What are three examples of hyaline cartilage in the larynx?
    • Cricoid
    • arytenoid
    • thyroid
  19. The prominentia laryngis is also known as the:
    Adam's Apple
  20. What is the function of the thryoid cartilage?
    Shield; protection and attachment
  21. how laryngeal folds are suspended from the thyroid cartilage?
  22. Which side of the crycoid cartilage is more thin?
  23. What is the only circumferential laryngeal structure?
    cricoid cartilage
  24. What are the two true joints in the larynx?
    • cricoarytenoid
    • cricothyroid?
  25. Which muscle ABducts the vc's?
    Post crico-arytenoid
  26. Which muscles ADduct the vc's?
    Lateral Cico-arytenoid and all other intrinisic muscles
  27. the cricothyroid muscle is the only muscle innervated by the __ __ __.
  28. What is the only intrinsic laryngeal muscle that is not a pair?
    TRANSVERSE ARytenoid
  29. What two muscles work together to close the glottis?
    aryepiglottic and thyroepiglottic.
  30. Anisicoria is present in ____% of the human population.
  31. Acromegaly is caused by:
    excess growth hormone
  32. What does PERLA stand for?
    Pupils equal & reactive to Light & accommodation
  33. Ptosis:
    droopy eyelids
  34. Atlanta Occipital Extention: normal range
    35 degrees
  35. What can occur in a pt with a previous tracheostomy?  What should you do when setting up an airway?
    • narrowing of the tracheal wall
    • downsize OETT 0.5 size
  36. Is an ETT tube permeable to vapors?
  37. What is the length of a 6.0 mm ETT introducer?
  38. What is a stylet used for?
    provide shape and stiffness
  39. what is important to know during induction, planning to use an LMA?
    can provide PPV without OAW
  40. When secruing an LMA you want to prevent what? how is this done?
    • TORQUE
    • taping to zygomatic region, using tube tree
  41. FFOB means?
    flexible fiber optic bronchoscopy
  42. Define Loudness
    rate of sound energy flow per unit area that is perpendicular to the direction of propagation
  43. define Pitch:
    frequency of sound waves
  44. For sound to occur in a gas medium there must be what?
  45. How often does post op hoarseness occur?
  46. How often does VC ulceration occur as result of ETT insertion?
  47. how often does VC granuloma formation occur?
    • 1:10,000
    • Female>Male
  48. define Cicatricial stenosis and how often it occurs:
    • narrowing of airway due to scar tissue
    • very rare
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